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Return the slab... or suffer my curse...
~ King Ramses

King Ramses is the ghost of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh and the main antagonist of the episode "King Ramses' Curse" of Courage the Cowardly Dog. He brings about three plagues on the Bagge family in order to retrieve an ancient slab that was stolen from his tomb. Eustace, realizing that the stone tablet is worth a huge amount of cash, refuses to give it back despite being plagued by the mummy's curse.

He was voiced by the series' creator John R. Dilworth.


King Ramses is the mummy of an Egyptian pharaoh whose soul is disturbed when a stone tablet is looted from his tomb. He first confronts the two greedy grave robbers who hid the slab next to the Bagges' water pump, sending a swarm of locusts to devour them. When Courage finds the relic, Eustace is initially uninterested, but immediately clings to the slab when he realizes it's worth a million dollars. King Ramses visits the farm and demands that the slab be returned.

Even after being warned of suffering the mummy's curse and the insistence of his wife Muriel to give it back, Eustace refuses telling Ramses that he must give him milion dollars in order to get it back. King Ramses then bestowed three plagues upon the Bagge family, each worse than the last: a flood, loud repetitive music blasting from a phonograph, and a swarm of very hungry locusts. In the midst of the third plague, Eustace finally relents, but changes his mind quickly and claims the slab again.

King Ramses appears to have one more curse in mind and finally returns to his tomb, taking both the slab and Eustace with him, though as always, Eustace inexplicably returns unscathed in the next episode.



  • King Ramses is the first character to be rendered in 3D, the second character is The Blue Creature from the episode Perfect.
  • There were two real-life pharaohs named Ramses. Ramesses I and his grandson, Ramesses II. ("Ramses" is an alternative spelling.)
  • King Ramses appears to be based on Ramesses II (also known as Ramesses the Great) who is commonly portrayed as the pharaoh of the Exodus. In the story of Passover, ten plagues were brought upon Egypt, each worse than the last, to persuade the pharaoh to free the Hebrew slaves.
  • In an ironic sense, King Ramses character seems to be based on the Hebrew prophet Moses. This is referenced by the fact that King Ramses persuades Eustace using various plagues to return the slab(The latter not wanting to give it up for monetary gain). As well as the final plague claiming Eustace's soul being similar to the killing of the firstborn and the slab itself possibly referencing the Ten Commandments.
  • King Ramses is famous for scaring many children who saw his episode debut. He is also (arguably) considered the scariest character in the entire show, and one of Cartoon Network's scariest characters ever written. King Ramses along with many of the other horrifying characters in the show could have also possibly led to the show's cancellation.
  • While he is portrayed as a villain in the episode he appears in, he isn't really evil to begin with. This is because his laying rest has been disturbed by a couple of feline thieves who stole his slab earlier from the episode, in which they later buried it near the Bagge house for concealment of evidence. This was made worse when Eustace decides to sell the stolen slab for his own monetary gain, which made the haunting king act his curse upon the farmer's residence until he summoned the locusts to eat Eustace who gets put on the slab in the end of the episode "King Ramses Curse". Many fans consider the ending to be the most funniest thing to have happened to Eustace in the entire series.


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