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King Reed: You said her other walk would be a complete disaster. That it would undermine Athenia. Astral cannot succeed, there's too much at stake.

Versitude: Many battles are lost before the war is won.
King Reed: You sure Oberon and Titania don't know?
Versitude: Yes, your greatness. They have no idea. In time, all will be yours. (King Reed snickers)

~ King Reed and Versitude at the end of "Get a Job".

King Reed of Spartania is the overarching antagonist of the short-lived Nickelodeon fantasy sitcom, The Other Kingdom. He's the king of Athenia's rival kingdom Spartania, who enjoys throwing his weight around and mocking the Athenia for their peaceful ways. He's secretly working with Versitude to overthrow Athenia. He's also the father of Prince Cliff and Tristan Andersen, the latter of which went to the human world unaware of his true heritage.

He was portrayed by Tyler Murree.


Very little is known about his life as ruler of Spartania, although what is known is that he and the people of his kingdom have a particular strong hatred of Athenia, and their benevolent nature and the Athenians hate them back. Additionally, Spartanians are extremely arrogant and snobbish viewing themselves as superior.

Some time ago, Versitude had decided to team up with him after Astral had decided to go on her "other walk" and experience life in the human world as a normal girl. While Versitude was more active in Astral's life as one of her guardians an a seemingly-trustworthy advisor to her parents, King Reed mainly worked behind the shadows away from the Athenians. One night, he would personally have a talk with Versitude about how Astral's life in the other world was going great, despite Versitude predicting otherwise. Versitude would respond that this was just a setback in her plan, and that King Oberon and Queen Titania had no idea she was betraying Athenia for him.

A few days later, Peter Quince had regained permission to build his science research center in Evermoor Woods -- where the kingdom of Athenia secretly resided -- and he knew that in doing so, he'd be placing Athenia in danger. Despite various attempts from Astral to persuade Mr. Quince into backing down from the construction project, including bringing back memories and native food and plants from the land, nothing could convince Mr. Quince to back down. As a last resort, the Athenians were forced to turn to their rival kingdom Spartania and convince them to also the Athenians to evacuate there.

King Reed had a negotiation with Queen Titania and King Oberon about evacuating Athenia if their daughter Astral hung out with his son Prince Cliff and made a good impression on him. Despite Astral not wanting to go along with this, she does it anyway in order to potentially help Athenia. Back in Atheina, Oberon and Titania officially settle him into Athenia and show him their closest business companions. Reed would snobbishly suggest taking up arms with the "others", and call Oberon soft from their last battle for not going to war against the others, much to the Athenian King and Queen's annoyance. He stated that if Athenia was granted exile, the king and queen would remain their titles ceremonially. but won't extend citizenship to Athenians and yet they'd have to fight for their causes. Despite clearly not agreeing with King Reed's conditions, Oberon and Titania stick to the deal anyway as it was for the good of Athenia, but when King Reed insisted that their daughter Astral would have to get married to his son Cliff in order for the deal to be final, that's where Oberon and Titania drew the line and called the deal off, refusing to force their daughter into an involuntary marriage and sending the Spartanians out of their kingdom.

So Astral tried to convince the people around her to join her in defend Evermore Woods, although she couldn't get any supporters despite various attempts. She and her teammates get an idea to upload a video online about Evermore Woods which was a hassle, but it was worth it as it quickly gains a lot of fans due to its cats and they even support how essential the woods were to them. They're hired to do an interview with the news, which quickly becomes well-known among the town. Unfortunately, Astral and her teammates get locked inside the gym thanks to Versitude and despite several attempts from the classmates to escape and join the townsfolk and fighting for Evermoor Woods, they barely make it out of the gym thanks to someone opening the door from the outside, and Astral ending up in brief peril along with his son getting involved, had gotten Mr. Quince to back out of his project and leave Athenia alone.

Athenia was saved and Versitude was completely livid, although Oswald had came back from the quest she had sent her on and found out a dark secret about Tristan much to Versitude's pleasure.

The next day, Versitude continues to discuss Tristan's secret about Spartania to Oswald, but never told King Oberon and Queen Titania about the truth despite Oswald insisting she did so. That night, Winston catches Versitude having a conversation with the Spartania King Reed, and warns King Oberon and Queen Titania about King Reed's return to Athenia. At the fairy-themed high school costume ball, Brendoni and Astral are voted the King and Queen of the fall dance, although Brendoni didn't really care about being king of the dance, so Astral just decided to look for Tristan and dance with him. When she finds Tristan he expresses how much he admires how optimistic and selfless Astral is, and feels like she hasn't met the real her. So then Astral reveals her fairy princess identity to her, and he reveals he's actually a fairy as well, and they fall deeply in love and kiss each other. Just then, King Reed, Versitude and Astral's parents show up and a spell's cast so they Astral and Tristan are the only ones in the room. Versitude's chastised by Oberon and Titania for not informing them Tristan was a Spartanian. Astral's parents inform her that Tristan's the long-lost Prince of Spartania and son of King Reed. He was destined to bring doom to Athenia, although he didn't want to, and is forcefully taken away by Reed back to Spartania, leaving Astral all alone.

It's currently unknown whatever happened to King Reed afterwards or what he did with Tristan.


Queen Titania: Oswald discovered that Tristan is the lost Prince of Spartania.

Tristan: What?
King Reed: You will be king one day.
Princess Astral: Tristan, is this true?
Tristan: I- I don't know. I don't know where I came from or... who I am!
Queen Titania: The ancient leaves tell of a lost prince who will conquer all of Athenia!
King Reed: Come boy! It's time you finally returned home! (tries to yank Tristan away from Astral as they hold on to each other tightly)
Tristan: No! I am not going nowhere!
Princess Astral: Don't do this!
King Reed: I am your king! You will do as I command! (continues yanking Tristan away)
Tristan: Astral!
Princess Astral: Tristan! (Astral and Tristan lose their grip)
Tristan: Astral! (King Reed transforms into a sprite and flies away to Spartania with Tristan as a captive)

~ Reed upon encountering his long-lost son and forcing him to go to Spartania completely against his will.

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