King Smudge

King Smudge is a wicked and greedy king and the main antagonist in the Windows 95 computer game Fisher-Price Great Adventures Castle.


The Jester narrates that King Smudge sends an army of black knights to take over the castle to become king. He ambushed all of the good knights with his men. Smudge is known for capturing and arresting his benevolent brother, King McBeard, and imprisoning him into the dungeon, also throwing the jester out of the castle. No one is able to stop him during the events, except a brave knight named McDuff.

Storming the Castle

King Smudge sends an army of knights to guard the castle. He also opened a gate which releases boulders from it. King Smudge asks the knights to do in order to get inside the castle. The player must click on the selected knight said by McDuff to get inside the castle. The knights go in each order:

  • Sir Lift-A-Lot - To stop the boulders from getting into the path.
  • Sir Mount - To climb up and knock the knight out off the window and lower the drawbridge.
  • Sir Cyclone - To knock out the knights guarding the drawbridge.
  • Sir Shield-in-Hand - To block the knights dropping slime.
  • McWhizz - To knock off the knight from the other window.
  • Elasto - To get in the castle immediately when Sir Shield-in-Hand can't hold it.

After the player used up all of the knights, the other two knights dropping slime will retreat.

Confrontation with King Smudge

McDuff convinces King Smudge to give his knights the key. The greedy king refuses; he puts the dungeon key into his mouth and completely eats it. Like in outside, the player must click on the selected knight. The two knights go in each order:

  • McWhizz - To zap King Smudge to distract him.
  • Elasto - To become the key to the dungeon.

If MicWhizz uses magic on King Smudge, the greedy king will have the head of a lion. During his next try, McWhizz makes King Smudge become smaller. Only his hat and feet are shown. It is unknown if the greedy king has survived the confrontation or not. The player must click on Elasto to become the dungeon key and rescue the imprisoned McBeard.


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