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With it, I will be the wealthiest and most powerful king in the planet! And I will build a gold statue, which will be seen on every corner of the world!
~ Wartlord boasting what he will do with Linda's star once he obtained it.

King Wartlord, also known as Maledeto in the Portuguese version, is the main antagonist of the 2001 Brazilian animated children's fantasy film The Happy Cricket (also known as O Grilo Feliz in Portuguese). His primary motivation stems from self-entitlement. He is the greedy lizard king and Christopher's arch-nemesis. He also has a mantis henchman named Buffuno, and toads as his guards.

He was voiced by the late Araken Saldanha in Portuguese and the late Bob Papenbrook in English.


Wartlord is a greedy monitor lizard who rules over the forests surrounding his castle. Because of the stature which he believes that he has, he insists that he gets the best of everything: the best food, possessions, castle, and anything else that he certainly feels that he is obligated to. His personality comes off as evil for the sake of being completely evil. Typically, he hates positive things like beauty and music in general, but he loves ugliness, the suffering of others, and beautiful expensive objects, such as the bright star in his respective film, which he believes that it is really a magnificent diamond. With this diamond, he concludes that he will be able to create a great golden statue that would magnify his significant greatness. The irony in this is that he is not only far too lazy to get it or build the statue himself, but apparently the bright diamond will not glow for him. In comparison, the star turns as black and as dead as his heart whenever he touches it.

Even though he is considerably smarter than his henchman Buffuno, he is still very ignorant and unknowledgeable. When Buffuno informs him that the diamond is really a star, he rejects the idea and still believes that this one star will just bring him glory, fortune, power, honor, and fame, despite the fact that it refuses to give him any of these things.

Because of Christopher's strong bond with music and the Night Star named Linda, he is determined to destroy him when Christopher the Happy Cricket finally approaches his castle to reclaim the star. When Christopher plays his guitar, the star glows so brightly that Wartlord is blinded and forced to back away far enough to fall over the edge of his castle. Christopher and his companionable friends try to help Wartlord, but his slimy tail prevents them from getting a good grip, causing Wartlord to fall into a fire sparked from a thunderbolt and is burnt to death.


Wartlord is a large, fat, purple slimy monitor lizard with a royal dark purple rubber crown, turquoise blue gloves, a long green forked tongue, a black robe, and orange eyes with yellow sclera.


Wartlord is a selfish and greedy tyrant who declares himself king over the forests surrounding his castle. He is an egotistical reptile who likes to laugh at the suffering. Despite his heartless nature, he is shown to be extremely extravagant, having bought a superabundant amount of beautiful expensive objects to place around his castle to make himself look very rich.

He is also shown to be abusive towards Buffuno and his guards. He also has a fondness for making himself look like a king with style. He is also shown to be an avaricious and materialistic tyrant, stealing Linda's star and use it to make himself look powerful. One of his most diabolical plans is when he sends his guards to capture Christopher and his friends, although he fails to do so.


This tree trunk is perfect for my new palace.
A cricket?!
Happy?! I'm the only one allowed to be happy around here!
That diamond will be ours!
With it, I will be the wealthiest and most powerful king in the planet! And I will build a gold statue, which will be seen on every corner of the world!
What are you doing?! How could you miss?! That's why you don't make any progress: you don't take things seriously! Work on that aim, you worthless fool!
Shut up, you stupid amphibians!
Are you trying to make a fool of me, young man?
Very well, allow me to introduce myself. I am Wartlord! Your king and ruler!
Oh, yes. Perfect. Buffuno, come here, will you?
Look up there. See all those diamonds shining down on me?
Perfect. All that will be ours.
This is a guitar! Guitars play with music, and I hate music!
Yes, yes, yes.
And give me back my crown, you ridiculous peabrain!
Do you see the brightest and shiniest one of them all?
Well, that's the one I want! It's mine, got it?
Get more power, power over everything!
And you're going to get that diamond for me. You're going to be the world's first bugonaut!



  • Wartlord's name is a possible portmanteau from the words "wart" and "warlord".
  • In the English dubbed version, he was voiced by the late Bob Papenbrook, whose memory that the film was dedicated to.
  • During the song that Christopher sings to Linda, the stars form Wartlord when Christopher asks her to help him defeat the tyrant. However, he is mistakenly given a dewlap and spines, making him resemble an iguana.
  • His Portuguese voice actor, Araken Saldanha, died in July 2020, nineteen years after the film's release.
  • Wartlord might be a salamander instead of a monitor lizard because of his slimy skin, but an actual salamander's tongue does not split into a fork like a snake has.