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King Zarkon is the main antagonist of the cartoon series Voltron: Defender of the Universe. He is the ruthless ruler of the galactic Drule Empire which ravages every planet they conquer, including Arus, the planet where the heroes find the sentient robot lions which they use to form the mighty robot Voltron to fight Zarkon's forces.

He was voiced by the late Jack Angel, who also voiced Yurak, Hazar and Commander Cossack in the same show.


Zarkon is a tyrannical warlord who thrives on war and conquest. He prefers scheming over direct fighting, always issues orders to his minions and expects them to succeed. If his plans fail, Zarkon would blame his minions instead of admitting that he's responsible. It appears that he's also a coward, as he rarely dares to go out to fight himself.

It's later revealed that Zarkon is just one of many Drule leaders, and he betrays them by conquering worlds for himself instead of turning them over to the empire's supreme ruler, Emperor Zeppo, earning him the scorn from the rest of the leaders.



Most of Zarkon's past is obscured, though it's known that he became the King of Doom and gave birth to Prince Lotor. At some point in his life, he used Planet Lyra's flowers to prolong his own life. During the war between the Drule Empire and the Galaxy Alliance, Zarkon conquered several planets for himself, leading him to be scorned by the rest of the Drule rulers.

Eventually, Zarkon sets his sight on Planet Arus and launches an attack to lure Voltron out, and Haggar casts a spell that split it into five parts.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe

A few years later, Zarkon launches a massive bombing on Arus and captures the survivors, among them being Keith and his company. They escape and bring back the Voltron, and defeat the Robeast sent to aid Yurak, a general sent by Zarkon himself to recapture them. After failing to destroy Voltron twice, Zarkon plots to assassinate its pilots, and Haggar successfully injures Sven Holgersson, forcing Princess Allura, a surviving member of the Arus royal family, to replace Sven as the robot Blue Lion's pilot.

After Yurak fails too many times to destroy the GoLion, he begs for mercy from Zarkon and the Doom nobilities, but Zarkon orders him to be banished. However, Lotor, who has just returned from his conquest, then requests for Yurak to be converted into a Robeast and fight Voltron, to which Zarkon agrees and sends Yurak and Lotor to the mission. Yurak takes down four lions while Lotor distracts Keith. However, Keith then returns in Black Lion, allowing the Voltron to be combined and slay Yurak. Afterwards, the Voltron Force thwarts several of Zarkon's attempts to conquer the universe.

Eventually, Zarkon is disposed by the Drule Empire and Lotor replaces him. Lotor has Zarkon arrested and forced to pilot a Robeast in his image to fight Golion. Although the Robeast is destroyed, Zarkon escapes in an escape pod. Ultimately, Planet Drule explodes, forcing the Empire to relocate its capital to Planet Doom. Using this opportunity, Zarkon lauches a second conquest, and his most notable target being Earth while he is in an alliance with King Largo.

At one point, Lotor tries to assassinate Zarkon but fails and is imprisoned. Lotor escapes and the two have a civil war, but reconcile when Zarkon is losing in his second conquest. The two plan to trap Voltron on an exploding planet, but this once again fails.

A few months later, Zarkon, Lotor and Viceroy Throk attempt to build the Fleet of Doom and fill the power vacuum left by Zeppo, but the Voltron Force once again intervene and stop them. However, Zeppo later reveals himself to have found a secret world named Deeva, and he and Throk plan to wait for an opportunity to take over the universe again. Whether or not they succeed is unknown.


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