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Villain Overview

It would seem that I underestimated our young friends!
~ King Zenoheld
He's a dead man.
~ King Zenoheld's angered response when Spectra Phantom rammed at his palace.
Are you mad, Hydron?! Don't you realized you won't make it out of here either, you fool?! Stop this!
~ King Zenoheld's last words to his estranged son Prince Hydron.

King Zenoheld is the main antagonist of Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia, but he makes an official appearance in the second arc. He was the former King of Vestal, but did not seem to bond very well with Hydron, his son and servant. He was one of the adult-brawlers in the series (aside from Spectra Phantom Klaus von Hertzon, Julio Santana and some of the Twelve Orders). He uses a Mechanical Bakugan called Pyrus Farbros, made by Professor Clay. Out of all the Vexos he was shown to be the cruelest among them as he is willing to kill his opponents rather than just simply defeating them.

He was voiced by John Stocker, who also voiced Naga in the first season, and Defacely Marmeister in Hammerman, while in the Japanese version is voiced by Kōji Ishii, who also did Prime Minister Honest.


Zenoheld is paranoid and treacherous. He lied to his former citizens of Vestal of the Bakugan are just mere slaves.

After the citizens of Vestal uncovered the truth and lost his citizenship, Zenoheld is ruthless, sadistic and cruel as he holds a hatred toward the Bakugan and attempted to kill them by the Bakugan Termination System until foiled by the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistances.

After the destruction of the BT System, Zenoheld shown his rage to hold an even greater hatred to the Brawlers than the Bakugan. He had Professor Clay to built the Alternative Weapon System to rule the entire planets but destroying both Vestal and Earth. However, Zenoheld's tremendous arrogance has led toward his own downfall.

Zenoheld has no love or bond between himself and his son, Hydron as he abused him and viewed him to be a source of shame to their family's name after he failed to disposed of the copy data of the Alternative Lync copied. Zenoheld merely viewed the Battle Brawlers as "cockroaches" and believe they're were no match for him. Zenoheld shows no mercy to friend or foe alike after Volt left due to the Alternative and Lync betrayed the Vexos by copying the data of the Alternative due to his feelings for Alice.

Despite of his fearless, he has shown cowardice of his own death when he was captured by Dryoid under the command of his son Hydron and beg him to stop.


In the first arc of Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia, Zenoheld had little interaction with the Resistance or the Vexos.

He first appears in a flashback, where Mira Fermin tells Dan and Marucho how the Vexos took over vestial.

The only time he appeared was when he nagged Hydron for not taking better care of the Dimension Controllers. He seems to be impatient with him due to his constant failure. He will also check in with him and make sure that he is still on the right track, although Hydron shrugs his warnings and discipline off, as he thinks he is doing fine without his father's constant nagging. Zenoheld is also mentioned when the Vexos prepare to retreat, as Hydron worried that blame would be shifted onto him by his father.

In the second arc of Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia, he flees Vestal after the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance told all of Vestal that they were lied to and resides in his palace on the outer skirts of the galaxy that is remote from civilization. He is revealed to be a brawler and he sends a message to the Six Ancient Warriors to surrender their Attribute Energies to him so that Professor Clay can power up the Bakugan Termination System. They decline his offer at first, but then they decide to battle him. When they arrive, Zenoheld reveals that he owns a Mechanical Bakugan, Pyrus Farbros. After a tough battle, Zenoheld comes out victorious, but the Ancients escaped and entrusted their Attribute Energies to the Resistance.

After hearing the news of the Attribute Energies being dispersed throughout New Vestroia and Earth, he entrusts Mylene Farrow with the duty of picking another Subterra Brawler to replace Gus in the Vexos. She chooses Hydron, and he says that he “couldn’t have picked better himself”. After Hydron gains the Haos Energy after he defeats Baron in a brawl he says “I knew I could count on you...Hydron”, revealing that he now trusts him with responsibility more than he did in the first season.

Soon after Volt Luster come back from brawling, he sees a transmission from Spectra, saying that the Vexos, Hydron and Zenoheld himself were responsible for the mess in the previous season. This causes him to send Shadow Prove to seek out Dan and the others so that he’ll get the Attribute Energies first. But when he does, he realizes Spectra jammed the transporting system, making it impossible to travel to Vestal and back. This infuriates him, knowing that he is up to something. Eventually, though, Shadow Prove goes to Earth and brawls Chan Lee and Alice (who don't have any Attribute Energies). He wins and proves himself to Zenoheld. He is later shown confronting Spectra and Gus Grav when they infultrate the palce demanding they leave the bralwers alone. Gus however reenters and challenges the King to a brawl which he accepts. Zenoheld won with the Farbros-Assail formation, and destroyed Blast Elico, and his Bakugan Trap Hexados. However, Gus and Vulcan survived the final blow and were imprisoned.

When the Resistance and Spectra attack the mother Palace He and Hyrdon Brawl Dan Mira and Spectra. However, he does not brawl until Hydron beats Mira but loses to Dan and Spectra. Zenoheld beats Spectra and Dan after a long fight. but Farbros was destroyed due to Twin Destructor, and he takes the Pyrus energy from Cross Dragonoid.

In Episode 42, he almost launched the Bakugan Termination System, and then Cross Dragonoid and Helios MK2 try to destroy it, but fail. When Cross Dragonoid brings the B.T. System into the atmosphere and absorbed all the Attribute Energies from it Zenoheld was furious and was eventually going do something about it.

In episode 45, he takes his frustration out on Hydron demanding to know whose fault it was for the destruction of the BT System and being forced to flee to another dimension. After Professor Clay told him about how he could rule over all dimensions he had Clay create the Alternative Weapon to destroy Earth and Vestal.

Soon after Zenoheld announces to the Vexos of his plan to destroy Vestal and Earth with the Alternative Weapons System but becomes angry when Volt questions him about the mission. When Volt leaves the Vexos, he becomes even more enraged and tells Hydron to take care of him. He was later pleased when Volt and Boriates were finally taken care of and warned the other Vexos that they would suffer the same fate should they betray him.

The next day Zenoheld asks Professor Clay if he needs help with the Alternative Weapon System. After hearing that Spectra joined the brawlers, and the brawlers have the same data as the Vexos, Zenoheld orders the remaining Vexos to seize the data that the brawlers posses. Later, Mylene reports to him that Lync Volan headed to Earth with a copy of the Alternative data with him. He orders Hydron to take care of Lync. After Hydron disposes of Lync and Aluze, he returns to Zenoheld expecting to be praised, but Zenoheld roughly dismisses him.

In episode 49, it is revealed that Zenoheld took his anger against Hydron for another time due to his failure to destroy the unauthorized copy of the Alternative's data and the loss of Mylene and Shadow Prove. He battled against Hydron to see who would have the throne, and won. Hydron was then jailed, along with Gus Grav. Zenoheld stated that they were never destined to be father and son and said in battle that he was never happy with Hydron since he was born, seeing him as a disgrace to the Royal Family's name.

In episode 50, he battled Spectra, who rammed into his palace. During the entire battle he was losing, even with Assail Farbros, due to the fact that later Gus joined Spectra. However, when Farbros combined with the Alternative, he overpowered both of them.

In episodes 51 and 52, he uses the Alternative against the brawlers, but when the Alternative was destroyed Farbros was destroyed by Dryoid by stabbing Farbros in the back, causing it to shut down. Hydron then used Dryoid to trap Zenoheld until the Alternative explodes, killing all three.

He is mentioned by Dan in the introduction of Season 3 and Season 4 (first fourteen episodes and one episode of Arc 2).


  • Keith "Spectra Phantom" Fermin
  • Lync Volan (indirect victim)
  • Volt Luster (indirect victim)
  • Mira Fermin
  • Daniel "Dan" Kuso
  • Drago
  • Shun Kazami
  • Ace Grit
  • Gus Grav
  • Baron Leltoy
  • Ingram
  • Chōji "Marucho" Marukura
  • Shadow Wing
  • Hylash
  • Preyas
  • Elfin
  • Wilda
  • Nemus
  • Percival
  • Scraper
  • Leefram
  • Spindle
  • Foxbat
  • Klawgor
  • Hydron (his own son and killer)
  • Dryoid
  • Fencer
  • Vulcan
  • Helios
  • The 6 Legendary Soldiers Of Vestroia (victms)
    • Apollonir
    • Exedra
    • Lars Lion
    • Oberus
    • Clayf
    • Frosch

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