King Zing is the king of the Zingers and the 4th boss in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and the third boss in Donkey Kong Land 2.


King Zing actually makes his first appearance in the level Rambi Rumble, where after reaching certain area while transformed into Rambi, the King then chases him down as the player must run from him due to having no means to damaging the boss.

Only in the level King Zing Sting that after the Kongs turn into Squawks, King Zing reveals himself and the hive turns into the stadium for the showdown. King Zing loops around the stage back and forth while going up and down. Squawks must shoot a coconut and try to hit the King's stinger. If hit, he turns red and starts to attempt hitting Squawks with three sets of spikes (and in some cases, he must be hit twice before he attacks, as hitting him once will just make his normal movement pattern speed up). Squawks must avoid him and shoot coconuts on his stingers enough times until he shoots his spikes again. If hit some more, he turns into a normal yellow Zinger, with the ability to create other ones around himself.

When he transforms into a normal Zinger, said other Zingers can be found around him as a defense mechanism. Squawks must simply eliminate all the Zingers and then hit the original King Zing three more times to win the Kremkoin, though taking too long will cause the Zingers to respawn.


  • In the GBA remake, King Zing moves slower, though his spike attack projectiles move faster. Other than that, the fight remains largely the same.
  • It is also believed that he is the spouse of Queen B. from Donkey Kong Country, though this notion has never been confirmed.


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