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The King of Urtis is a minor antagonist in Legends of Runeterra, appearing as the main antagonist of the Tales of Runeterra cinematic for Noxus, "After Victory".


The king of Urtis is established to be a selfish and egomaniacal ruler who regards nobody else but himself, not even his own subjects. He is obsessed with his crown and status as a king, claiming it to be a product of the gods and his royal bloodline. However, he is also a coward, as shown when he shrinks in fear when Farron walks up to him. The king eventually shows his true colors when he expresses his contempt towards a slave-girl of Urtis due to her social status as a slave. Once he ungratefully seizes his crown from her, he claims that the gods have returned the crown to him despite how the slave-girl did all the work. When commanding his subjects, he favors himself over the kingdom, and refuses to end the bloodshed as he expects his sunjects to be willing to die in his name. He becomes enraged once someone disobeys him, and took no hesitation to kill the girl with his sword until Darius saved her by killing him first. After his demise, knowing the king's true nature led the girl to join Noxus as they were more accepting of her true potential than the king ever was.


The kingdom of Urtis was once ruled by a cruel and despotic king who cared nothing for his own subjects. But then the Noxian Empire invaded and easily quashed Urtis' military.

The king and his knights barricaded themselves in the throne room, but Captain Farron, followed by the Noxian general Darius, was able to break through. The king orders his knights to fight them off, but then they relent after seeing the enemies' power and ruthlessness. Darius states that Noxus has already conquered the city and demands that the king surrender his crown to them so that the fighting could end. The knights drop their swords, and two Noxian soldiers bring in a smelting pot already full of molten metal. The king refuses to give up his crown, stating that it was his by birthright along with his land and subjects, but was too scared to stop Farron from taking it from him. The Noxians planned on throwing the crown into the pot to melt it as a sign of the kingdom's downfall, as Darius states that the kingdom's subjects shall become citizens of Noxus, where anyone can be as rich and powerful based on how strong they are to claim it.

However, a slave-girl who was still loyal to the king and was watching everything from behind a pillar distracts Farron by striking him with a hot iron poker so she can grab the crown and give it back to the king. The ungrateful king then takes his crown from the girl, insults her, and boasts to the Noxians that he would rather let his kingdom and everyone in it be destroyed than surrender it to them. He then commands the slave-girl to attack the Noxians at the cost of her own life in order to prove his point, but spurred by the king's words and tired of his cruelty, she refuses to obey. Enraged at the girl's defiance, the king attempted to kill her, but Darius stops him by tossing his battleaxe at the tyrant, killing him.

Darius then offers the girl a new place in Noxus, where glory can be shared by all with enough effort. The king's crown is tossed into the pot where it was melted down into a sword now wielded by the former slave-girl, now named Trifarian Gloryseeker.


In my name, hold them back!
~ The King of Urtis ordering his knights.
The crown is mine by birth. Granted to me by my royal blood. As are these lands and my... my subjects.
~ The King of Urtis as Farron takes the crown from him.
My crown... Returned to me by a slave. Unworthy even to touch it or stand in my presence! Don't you see, Noxian? The gods return the crown to me! End this bloodshed? No! The kingdom is mine... or it is a graveyard! Show them girl. Die for your king. GO!
~ The King of Urtis showing his true nature.
Insolent filth!
~ The King of Urtis' last words.



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