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Idiot! I'm the one who kept order in this city! One month! In one month you'll wish you had me back!
~ Kingpin's warning to Spider-Man upon being arrested, and foreshadowing of the following events to come.
Keep my men alive and maybe I'll tell you.
~ Fisk to Spider-Man for the Demons' leader.

Wilson Fisk, better known as the Kingpin, is the secondary antagonist of Marvel's Spider-Man and a minor antagonist in its spin-off Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

A long-time adversary and the original archenemy of Spider-Man, he is a notorious crime boss who controls most of organized crime in New York City. He is finally defeated and taken into custody by Spidey after years of unpunished crime. However, his absence from the criminal underworld ultimately leads to a chain of events, like the reign of terror orchestrated by both Mister Negative and Doctor Octopus which threatened the city.

He was voiced by Travis Willingham, who also voiced Jūgo, Tobi, Black Zetsu and White Zetsu in Naruto, Kokutō and Kūgo Ginjō in Bleach, Cell in Raging Blast to Battle of Z, Isaac Frost in Fight Night Champion, Zavok in Sonic: Lost World and Sonic Forces, Jul 'Mdama in the Halo series, Paul De Pleur in Far Cry 4, Satan in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, Carl Stoddard in Battlefield: Hardline, Scabrous Scrotus in Mad Max, Cameron Campbell in Camp Camp, and Two-Face in Telltale's Batman.


Early life

Wilson Fisk was born around the year 1970. At an unknown point, he started a spice business, where he made his fortune. By 2010, he had become one of the most powerful crime bosses in New York City, secretly controlling the city's organized crime families as the feared Kingpin. As part of his criminal empire, Fisk used several warehouses throughout the city to house resources and men, while operating out of Fisk Tower. Publicly, he posed as a wealthy philanthropist and legitimate businessman.

At an unknown time, Fisk was approached by Norman Osborn to construct a facility for Project GR-27's production. Fisk agreed to build the facility, but at an unknown point learned about the nature of GR-27. Referring to the serum as "Pandora's box", Fisk kept a file on his discoveries hidden in a Nioh statue, likely to blackmail Osborn should the mayor ever threaten his position.

Somewhere around 2010, Fisk, at the age of 40, learned that one of his enforcers was taken out and arrested by the wise-cracking vigilante Spider-Man. Despite managing to get his enforcer out of prison via bail, Fisk knew that Spider-Man would be a threat to his operations and made it his mission to kill him. In their first fights, Fisk consistently defeated Spider-Man, keeping his criminal operations secret. As a result, Fisk remained in control of his empire until eight years later.

Marvel's Spider-Man

In 2018, after amassing enough evidence, Captain Yuriko Watanabe and the New York City Police Department eventually moved on Fisk Tower though he had his thugs engage in a public shoot-out with the police as means of distraction. During his attempt to escape, Fisk had his men attempt to erase all data of his criminal activity though this was stopped by Spider-Man whom he mocks and bombards with all of his might and men though it was not enough to stop Spider-Man.

Eventually, Spider-Man apprehends Kingpin and the police arrive to arrest him. As he is being taken away, Kingpin warns Spider-Man of the incoming power vacuum that will occur now that he has been arrested.

Though imprisoned, Fisk's absence began a string of events in New York City. The small-time criminals and drug-dealers he kept in check were free to sell their product without the fear of the Kingpin, bringing what Fisk predicted to Spider-Man come true. It also gave Martin Li the opportunity to seize all of Fisk's territory and ammunition, leading to the Inner Demons growing in power and boldness which peaked at the City Hall Bombing and civil war with Sable International. In turn, this allowed Doctor Octopus and the Sinister Six to rise up and threaten the city with the Devil's Breath.

Fisk did attempt to keep his criminal empire alive under the disguise of Consolidated Shipping, his legitimate construction company, by laundering his ammunition, funds and drugs. When Spider-Man was able to dismantle these bases, Fisk called him, unfettered and promised retribution.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

More than a year after the defeat of Doctor Octopus and the Sinister six, Fisk remains imprisoned during the Tinkerer's campaign against Roxxon Energy. In this time, Miles Morales, Peter Parker's superhero apprentice has taken over his role as the sole Spider-Man in New York City while Peter goes to Symkaria with Mary Jane.

It's revealed that since Fisk's imprisonment, Fisk Tower has fallen in decay and was scheduled to be demolished. the Tinkerer and the Underground took over the building as their hideout, even vandalizing a screen with Fisk's face on it to mock him, joking that they own the Kingpin now.

Even though he is still incarcerated at the Raft, Fisk attempted to take over Harlem anonymously from within his cell. To do this, he has a crew of his goons who weren't arrested following his imprisonment sabotage the Manhattan district itself in order for him to gradually rebuild his criminal empire and reestablish his dominance over the city. He did this by having his men rob a bank to restore his finances, while he would anonymously have the city use eminent domestic power to shut down a barber shop and restaurant, shut down the F.E.A.S.T. center (using the latter tactic) within Harlem, and anonymously purchase the lands of the district itself once they were shut down.

Unfortunately, Miles foiled all of Fisk's attempts, and enraged by these failures, Fisk had his men guard the origins of his communications, believing that Spider-Man will come. Thanks to a lead on the location from street artist Hailey Cooper (who followed the criminals to their hideout unnoticed), Miles went to put an end to the conspiracy once and for all, taking out Fisk's men before heading to the basement of the building to shut down the comms connection. As Miles, with his best friend Ganke Lee's help, was breaking into the computer where the communications originated, Fisk himself appeared on video, and upon seeing Miles for the first time, was confused (as he originally believed it was the original Spider-Man who was ruining his plans; seemingly unaware of his absence), and would instantly view him as a young wannabe and pretender. As Ganke was working to shut down the connection, Miles stalled Fisk, telling him that he is done trying to take over his neighborhood. Unmoved by this, Fisk cryptically threatened him, stating he will learn that when someone crosses him, then those they want to protect are the ones who will suffer as a consequence. Ganke then manages to break the connection, ending the video.

However, as Miles heads back to the C.J. Walker Park where he met up with Hailey, Ganke calls, revealing that Hailey informed him that Fisk's thugs are attacking the park. Miles arrives just in time, stopping the attack before someone gets killed. Hailey shows her gratitude to Miles before he leaves, while the police arrive to apprehend the assailants.

Upon being exposed as the mastermind of the Harlem conspiracy, Fisk's prison sentence was elongated, with new security measures added to ensure that he will never attempt to restore his control over New York City from within his cell ever again.


Wilson Fisk is a very tall and imposing man, with his height and weight being greater than that of average men. Wilson Fisk prefers to dress in a business attire, preferably in a dark suit and tie. Wilson Fisk displays a great affinity for philosophies, antiques and arts of Japanese origins. Despite being a co-conspirator in providing financing and secluding of GR-27, he mentions that he is extremely terrified of that piece of technology, even going as far as comparing it to the mythical Pandora's Box.

Wilson Fisk uses his power as the Kingpin to maintain order in the criminal underworld of New York and even operating the criminal empire akin to that of a corporate business. This in turn greatly mitigates the need for violence and kept civilians out of danger. This, in an ironic way, did ensure peace and safety for the citizens and even the law enforcement agents of New York City. Even Spider-Man admitted this as true because after Kingpin's arrest:

  • A vast multitude of criminals and psychopaths which were kept in check by Fisk were suddenly free to commit random acts of mass murder, theft, terrorism, and extreme violence.
  • The Inner Demons, a syndicate of masked terroristic mobsters found and led by Mister Negative, began terrorizing the city.
  • Escaped convicts from both Ryker's Island and the Raft were free to sow chaos in the city following a coordinated massive breakout in both penitentiaries.
  • The Sinister Six, a group of five of Spider-Man's worst supervillain foes lead by a new criminal mastermind, was formed during the prison breaks to destroy Oscorp Industries in order to ruin Norman's legacy and reputation.
  • Doctor Octopus, the mastermind and orchestrator of the prison breakouts, as well as the founder and leader of the Sinister Six, unleashed the Devil's Breath on the city's civilian population, resulting in citywide quarantine until an antiserum could be made.
  • The Maggia, an elite crime family syndicate, went to war with each other, which was started by one of the Dons Joseph Martello, AKA Hammerhead, who aimed to take over the mob collective solely for his own personal gains.
  • Hammerhead stole weapons and technology from the private military contractor Sable International, including tech left behind when the latter's military occupation of the city during the Devil's Breath crisis was over and experimental tech codenamed Project Olympus, in order to gain an enormous advantage in the Maggia Civil War.
  • Following the disbandment of Fisk's criminal empire, the Inner Demons, and the Maggia, a band of crooks who view themselves as "the young mafia" known as The Underground, now led by the Tinkerer, began to terrorize the city in their leader's campaign against Simon Krieger and the Roxxon Energy Corporation.

Despite being the Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk also owns a multitude of legitimate businesses which not only earn him a lot of legitimate revenues, but also through which he launders most of his ill gotten revenues.


Wilson Fisk displays inhuman levels of strength and durability. Despite his overweight appearance, he has only has 2% body fat with the rest of his body being pure muscle. He has trained himself to be able to use his exceptional physical stature and even displays superior acrobatic prowess when fighting Spider-Man. He does not get injured form being hit by falling several stories or even having large chunks of concrete thrown at him. Mary Jane mentions that Fisk sliced open Peter with a Katana once, indicating Fisk's swordsmanship.

Aside from his extraordinary physical power and combat prowess, Fisk is a master of criminal networking, with his influence extending to politicians, corporations, for profits and even law enforcement agencies within New York. His influence even extended and works despite his secure imprisonment. He also possesses incalculable resources and finances, as he was able to easily procure advanced weaponry for his men and even provide grants for Oscorp's GR-27 Project.





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