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I'm the one who kept order in this city! One month! In one month you'll wish you had me back!
~ Kingpin upon being arrested.

Wilson Fisk (known better as the Kingpin) is a major antagonist in Marvel's Spider-Man. One of the most notorious crime bosses in the Marvel Universe, Kingpin controls most of the organized crime in New York City.

He was voiced by Travis Willingham.


As a child, he was bullied, which drew him to the power of gangs. He soon became the right-hand man of Don Rigoletto, before murdering Rigoletto and taking control.

To the outside world, Fisk appears as a credible and even charitable businessman. His first appearance involved an attempted coalition of New York mobs, only to be thwarted by Spider-Man. Amongst his sources of revenue and facades to the public are Fisk Construction and The Wilson Fisk Science Fair but everyone in New York knew Fisk’s true nature though he was untouchable due to his wealth and protection and influence in the NYPD.

For eight years, Fisk was a long-time enemy of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. After amassing enough evidence, the police eventually moved on Fisk Tower though he had his thugs engage in a public shoot-out with the police as means of distraction. During his attempt to escape, Fisk had his men attempt to erase all data of his criminal activity though this was stopped by Spider-Man whom he mocks and bombards with all of his might and men though it was not enough to stop Spider-Man.

Eventually, Spider-Man apprehends Kingpin and the police arrive to arrest him. As he is being taken away, Kingpin warns Spider-Man of the incoming power vacuum that will occur now that he has been arrested.

Though imprisoned, Fisk's absence began a string of events in New York City. The small-time criminals and drug-dealers he kept in check were free to sell their product without the fear of the Kingpin, bringing what Fisk predicted to Spider-Man come true. It also gave Martin Li the opportunity to seize all of Fisk's territory and ammunition, leading to the Inner Demons growing in power and boldness which peaked at the City Hall Bombing and gang war with Sable International.  

Fisk did attempt to keep his criminal empire alive under the disguise of his construction company, Consolidated Shipping by laundering his ammunition, funds and drugs. When Spider-Man was able to dismantle these bases, Fisk called him, unfettered and promised retribution.





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