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When I was a kid: I used to dream what it would be like to live far away from Hell's Kitchen. But then I realized that the city was a part of me; It was in my blood. And I will do anything to make it a better place.
~ Wilson Fisk

Wilson Fisk is an antagonist in 2015's Netflix Exclusive Daredevil. He is a businessman interested in the future of Hell's Kitchen. This leads to a conflict with Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil.

He is portrayed by Vincent D'Onofrio who also played Edgar the Bug and Carl Rudolph Stargher.

Daredevil (2015)

Early Life

Wilson Fisk was born to a caring mother and an ambitious, yet cruel father. His father would run for the city council of Hell's Kitchen, hoping it would make him and his family rich. However, it backfires, forcing his father to have his drinking habit become more powerful and will usually result in beating up individuals, sometimes his wife. One day, Wilson has enough and kills his father with a hammer. His body parts are then chopped every night for the next week in a river.

Fisk then moved to a farm for a few months, before returning to Hell's Kitchen.

Criminal Enterprise

Years later, Fisk became a powerful businessman, as well as a crime lord and built his organization with Chinese, Japanese, and Russian mobsters. While at an art gallery, Fisk grows a relationship with his lover Vanessa Marianna. During dinner, the two were interrupted by Russian Anatoly Ranskahov accepted Fisk's offer into his organization. Fisk then orders right-hand James Wesley to put Ranskahov in a car. Embarrassed after dinner, Fisk murders Ranskahov with his car door. The alliance between Fisk and the Russians was broken after Ranskahov's death.


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