Super Phoenix-0

Kinnikuman Super Phoenix, originally Phoenixman (in Japanese: フェニックスマン), was one of the Five Fated Princes and the main antagonist of the penultimate story arc of the manga and anime series Kinnikuman.


Super Phoenix was born out in the wing of the hospital where they were being kept and in the chaos they may have been mixed up leading to confusion over the identity of the true heir to the throne of planet Kinniku. Phoenixman is believed as the prince of planet Kinniku, as he was (in Phoenixman's eyes) an idiot who got money and recognition without working for them, while Phoenixman was intelligent and had to struggle to survive. He would eventually develop a deadly Heart Disease, but ignored it in order to continue his training.

Kinnikuman decided to seek out the five other possible heirs and have them present their claims to the throne as well, resulting in a wrestling tournament to determine the most worthy successor. Phoenixman relished the chance to get revenge on Kinnikuman and believed his dying mother had told him that he might be the true prince).