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Kintoleski is the last Dark Fall villain to appear and unlike some of the others he has a prediction for playing fair. He also shows up casually sometimes at Panpakupan to buy bread without causing any trouble. He likes to train like a boxer for his fights with Pretty Cure often jogging and lifting weights. Later it is revealed that he is trying to "train" the cures so that he can have an all out fight with them.

He was voiced by Jūrōta Kosugi.


After the defeat of Ms. Shitataare, Kintoleski has its place, but the Principe appears as a villager of Vegetation, buying bread in the "Pan Panpaka" Saki's bakery. At present very clear that its sole purpose is to train the Pretty Cure to face her in a duel. During her free time by train around the city and buy bread at the bakery of Saki. Kintoleski, even the most educated villain this season, often have the idea that winning is all important. At the end of softball, when the team loses Saki, this feels awful and Kintoleski starts saying that her friends are weak, which makes the girl angry. In Mai's birthday, when Saki wants to draw a picture of Mai, Kintoleski provides tips to draw better, which confuses seeing Saki until she draws better villain. After a few clashes, Mai's birthday, I sent a letter challenging them girls on the beach, promising that if you hand them expire miracle sprays. The match starts and turns Kintoleski getting bigger and becoming reddish, becoming stronger. Despite the difficulties the girls do the "Pretty Cure Splash Star Spiral", but manages to break the attack Kintoleski. The girls think it's the end, but then disappear Kintoleski starts saying he is satisfied with the fight and giving them the miracle sprays. Later is revived along with the other villains and goes along with punishing Moerumba, Michiru and Kaoru for betraying Akudaikan. However due to the Pretty Cure Moerumba so Kintoleski later confronts them with Ms. Shitataare. The Pretty Cure manage to beat the two, and just when Ms. Shitataare wants to flee, Kintoresky grabs her away saying he would like her.


  • His skin is gold in color and he is the strongest of the Dark Fall.
  • He likes to exercise and work out.
  • His name comes from "kin", which is Japanese for "gold" or "metal" (and also a homophone for "muscle", "筋"), "kintore" is an abbreviation of "kinniku (muscle) training", and "suki" can mean "like". Hence, his name can be translated as "(I) like muscle training".
  • In DX 2, he, together with Karehan, Moerumba and Ms. Shitataare, represents the villains from Splash Star.
  • He has shown to have feelings for Ms. Shitataare in Episode 45.


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