I own you, kid. That contract you signed--that wasn't an acting contract, it was adoption papers. So, as your legal guardian, I say YOU CAN'T QUIT!
~ Kip Snip revealing his true self to Bloo.
You think I care people know my product stinks? You think I care how people stink? I DON'T CARE! In fact, DEO Brand deodorant makes people smell WORSE!
~ Kip Snip revealing his deodorant's true nature, leading to his downfall.

Kip Snip is an antagonist from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and the main antagonist of the episode "The Sweet Stench of Success".

He was voiced by Tom Kenny, who also voiced Eduardo and countless other characters on the show.


Kip Snip was a famous Hollywood agent who adopted Bloo after he got jealous of Eduardo's TV publicity. He offers Bloo an acting gig to which the latter excitingly accepts. Bloo soon becomes a huge star as the mascot "Deo" to promote Deo brand Deodorant.  After acting for many Deo brand deodorant commercials, Bloo heads off to go home to Foster's. But Kip refuses to let him leave and forces him to sleep in a cage.

The next morning, Kip wakes up Bloo telling him that he has a huge gig to attend to. Bloo counters that he hasn't eaten in two days, but Kip blows him off, stating that celebrities don't keep their fans waiting. Bloo quickly becomes very bored and weary with all these commercials and gigs. Later that night, Bloo begs Kip to let him contact Mac, but Kip still refuses, and turns the lights off as Bloo's eyes well up with tears.

Early the next morning, Kip tells Bloo he's got another DEO gig, but Bloo, (finally fed up with Kip's treatment), furiously tells him that he quits. Unfortunately, Kip reveals that the contract Bloo signed was not an acting contract but actually adoption papers, making Kip his new guardian and thus, Bloo has no choice in the matter. Bloo reluctantly prepares for another act. Just as Bloo is ready to sadly accept his fate as Kip's slave, he gets an idea and starts tapping a secret morse code.

Meanwhile, Mac receives Bloo's secret message on TV "Help me, Mac", and he is rescued by Mac and friends. Before Bloo could escape, a furious Kip snatches him telling him he would own him forever. But Bloo kicks the evil producer in the jaw stating that he is not someone's property. Bloo then reveals that Deo deodorant is a phony, much to the viewers' shock. Kip claims he never cared about the problem, to the audience's shock. Kip then snaps and revealed that it in fact made people smell worse, making the audience horrified at this. Kip is then arrested for life in prison, for false advertising (which is under Article 254, Section 3 of the city's laws; as stated by the officers who arrested him) as well as for all his mistreatement towards Bloo. As humiliated Kip is taken away by the cops, he comically yells out "Noooo!" while moving his legs crazily.


  • Kip is, in many ways, similar to Stromboli from Pinocchio. He kidnaps the protagonist in a cheerful facade. He locks Bloo in a cage like Stromboli, and greedily keeps the money Bloo makes for himself. The only difference is that Stromboli managed to escape defeat or imprisonment, whilst Kip becomes exposed by the public and subsequently arrested.
  • Kip is also very similar to Dick Hardly from The Powerpuff Girls, which was also one of Craig McCracken's works before Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Both wear glasses, are con artists, blonde, motivated by greed, trick the main character/characters for their own personal gain, and appear in only one episode, as well as become one of the darkest villains on their respective shows. (Dick Hardly with The Powerpuff Girls, and Kip Snip with Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) Of course, though, Dick Hardly was much worse than him because he was actually willing to kill children (like the Powerpuff Girls) just to satisfy his own greediness, whilst Kip only abused Bloo. Though he did admittedly come very close to being Pure Evil, compared to Hardly, Kip is a saint.


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