Kirby is the secondary antagonist and one of the bosses of the fangame Abobo's Big Adventure.



It is first seen after Abobo defeats Krang. Kirby came and inhaled Krang and controlled Krang's robot to kill Abobo.

Eventually, Abobo destroys the robot bot Kirby survived from this attack and fled.

After Abobo defeats the rest of enemies, he encounters Gromaides, the boss of the Waterfall. When they start to fight, Kirby inhales Gromaides and hundreds of NES characters and turned into a giant Kirby. He attempted to kill Abobo again with the fire, ice and stone powers. But eventually Abobo defeats him again and Kirby pukes all characters that inhaled by Kirby.

After Kirby finished puke, Doc Louis was still inside of it. Eventually, Kirby fatally exploded and Doc Louis freed from Kirby's body.

Powers and Abilities

Kirby can inhale everything and copy their abilities, like he inhaled Krang and copy its robot control ability. It can levitate with its vacuum breath. Also it can be giant with inhale all things.

Inhaled Victims

  • Doc Louis
  • Mike Haggar
  • Wart
  • Air Man
  • Chip
  • Bomberman
  • Pac-Man
  • Tetris block
  • Gezora
  • Dozens of other NES characters


  • Kirby is one of the characters that have no spoken lines.


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