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Kiri and Ankha are an antagonistic duo from the TV show Mortal Kombat: Conquest, serving as the main antagonists of "Noob Saibot: and as major antagonists in "In Kold Blood".

Kiri was portrayed by Sung Hi Lee, while Ankha was portrayed by Tahitia Hicks.


Kiri and Ankha were two female reptilians who survived the extinction of their race the Saurians. They lived in the realm of Zaterra before Shao Kahn merged it with Outworld. After the merging of Zaterra, Kiri and Ankha pledged their service to Shao Kahn. By using black magic, Kahn transformed the female reptilians into humans. After the transformation, Kiri and Ankha served as observers of Shao Kahn's enemies. Kiri and Ankha tricked two of Kahn's enemies, Taja and Siro, into killing the guards of Noob Saibot. Afterwards, Kiri and Ankha released Noob Saibot from his imprisonment in the Netherrealm. They did this so that Noob Saibot would kill Kung Lao who was a warrior from Earthrealm. By doing so, Kiri and Anhka intended to earn Shao Kahn's respect. Their plain failed when Siro defeated Noob Saibot. However, Noob managed to survive. He escaped and was never heard from again. Siro also managed to escape and returned home.

Days later, Kiri and Ankha encountered Reptile who was another survivor of the Saurians' extinction. They pledged their loyalty to him and Kreya who was another enemy of Shao Kahn. The four warriors plotted to kill Kung Lao. Kiri and Ankha tried to trick Kung Lao along with Taja and Siro. The warriors learned that Kiri and Ankha were still allied with Shao Kahn. They also learned that Kiri and Ankha were plotting to fight Kreeya. Kiri and Ankha then shredded their human disguises and changed back into their forms as Reptilians. Afterwards, they fought Kung Lao. Kiri spit acid at him. Siro pushed Kung Lao out of the way. They acid hit Ankha and killed her. Instead of continuing the fight, Kiri fled.

Kiri immediately returned to Reptile. As it turned out, Reptile was allied with Shao Kahn and planned to kill him. Eventually, Kahn discvoered the truth about Reptile and Kiri. Enraged by the truth, Kahn sent his Shadow Priests to kill both of the traitors. They easily killed Reptile and Kiri.


  • Throughout the TV show, Ankha and Kiri treat each other as lesbians. Despite this notion, they are merely close friends. 
  • Kiri was upset over the loss of her friend Ankha.
  • Kiri is sadistic whereas Ankha is jealous.


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