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Do not take me lightly. There exists a prophecy that half-demons will be responsible for my demise. For this reason, I must investigate whether this is true or false to lay my mind at ease. Regardless, you half-demons are not meant to exist in this world at all.
~ Kirinmaru
Kirinmaru: So he's come here, has he?
Konton: What's more, he has sustained grave injuries from battling Shishinki and Ryūkotsusei. If we make our move now, we may easily be able to strike him down.
Kyūki: Let us use this chance to put an end to him so we may finally rule over the entire land.
Konton : Lord Kirinmaru, simply give the order, and we will-...
Kirinmaru: You fools! If I am to challenge him to battle, it cannot be after he has been wounded and made weak. A true battle must be won with honor and dignity. Is that too much for you cowards to understand?
Konton & Kyūki: Forgive us.
Kirinmaru: Riku. Riku, are you here?
Riku: Yes, Master.
Kirinmaru: Gather the finest medicinal herbs you can find and deliver them to the Great Dog Demon immediately. Now go.
Riku: Understood.
Kirinmaru: Battle is meaningless unless both sides are willing to give their all for victory. Adopting underhanded tactics to win will only leave you empty.
Konton & Kyūki: Yes, my lord.
~ Kirinmaru having his conversation with his gang.

Kirinmaru is the main antagonist of the anime Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. He is the younger brother of Zero and the father of Rion.

He is voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya (who also voiced Third World's Herrscher of the Reason in Honkai Impact 3rd, Wave in Akame Ga Kill!, Reiner Braun in Attack on Titans, IV in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, and Kaigaku in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) in Japanese and Crispin Freeman (who also voiced Itachi Uchiha in Naruto series, Alucard in Hellsing, Kirei Kotomine in Fate/Zero, Fuuma Monou in X, and Duskmon in Digimon Frontier) in English. Both actors also voice Kirinmaru's second incarnation, Osamu Kirin.


Kirinmaru appears as a tall and muscular man. He has tan skin with pointed ears, green eyes, and bulbous, long, red hair. He seems to have dragon scales filled his forehead and right cheek, two blue stripes on his left cheek, and later a minor scar on his left cheek that he eventually gets after his encounter with Towa. Expectedly from a bestial daiyōkai, he has sharpened nails of a greyish-purple coloration. Kirinmaru's appearance has many characteristics of Qilin, Chinese Unicorn, than Dragon's. In Resonance, it has blue symbol on his right arm, similar to Osamu Kirin's glowing symbol as he going to communicate the Sacred Tree of Ages in Episode 28.

He wears a grayish violet and black suit armor with a golden plate on his left shoulder, a golden thin trim with a small ribbon, and a red belt across his waist with two golden plates as a buckle. He also wears a purple and lavender long-sleeved top, a black hadagi undershirt, darkened reddish baggy pants, and black battle boots with beige cuffs and golden adornments.

He wears a pair of black-armored gauntlets decorated with the same adornments as his boots and a white dragon-shaped mask with several red markings and two golden plates on each side leaving only his left eye visible along with the stripes on his left cheek.

On his true demonic form, Kirinmaru's face becomes more monstrous with two horns emerging from his forehead (the left one being shorter, because it has been cut by Tōga), long fangs, and more feral eyes with purple marks on his eyelids and longer messier darker eyebrows. His left arm drastically changes into a draconian green with several spiked protrusions during the fight, but 600 years ago, it was normal during the fight, and in the present in the feudal era, it was normal without the fight in Episode 28.


Kirinmaru is a cold and detached individual, speaking the bare minimum most of the time. He is emotionally distant to even his closest followers as he did not remember Tōkotsu, who was one of his four central lieutenants, much less that he even gifted Tōkotsu the red Rainbow Pearl in the first place. Upon learning of his demise, Kirinmaru showed apathy, merely giving some praise to Sesshōmaru's twin daughters, who terminated him as he reasoned that anybody serving under him must have been quite a powerful fighter. Even with the likes of Kyūki, who he does remember, he showed no care for her death too. He even treats his own half-sister with mostly formality, as when Zero woke him up, Kirinmaru treated his sister with a to-the-business attitude. When he and Sesshōmaru briefly joined forces to kill Inuyasha and Moroha, he immediately engaged them while responding to Kagome's defiant refusal to hand Moroha over to him with a cold rebuttal. He could also show an authoritian demeanor, as he remained unmoved by Zero's wishes to kill Sesshōmaru's twin daughters.

He seems to have a dark sense of humor as he chuckled at Jaken's claim that Inuyasha and Kagome would be paying their respects to his rival's tomb and sarcastically commented Sesshōmaru when he saved Towa and Setsuna from him that even someone like him still cares for his children.

According to Riku, Kirinmaru hates humans and half-demons. It seems, however, that he is mostly apathetic and believes himself superior over them and he simply upholds the old belief of demons that half-demons are inferior to pure demons and their worth depends on their ability to survive, but he has no intentions to go through killing all half-demons, and is more than willing to acknowledge them whenever they prove formidable opponents: though Zero indicated he shared Sesshōmaru's initial views of such creatures, with Kirinmaru expressing shock that his rival's older son would marry a human, and he did scoff at Kagome's defiance and vow to stop him from killing Moroha, when he was first woken up, he acknowledged Inuyasha as having the strength to alongside his half-brother destroy the Grim Comet and showed no inclination to slay him until he learned Kagome had given birth to a quarter demon daughter and even then when he and Kagome were instead sealed into the Black Pearl, Kirinmaru accepted it when Jaken reasoned that Inuyasha's Meidō Zangetsuha would be needed in the future with no protest at all. Even with the prophecy that he would be defeated by half-demons, Kirinmaru never sought to kill al half-demons in existence and proved disinterested in going after Towa and Setsuna and freely acknowledged that he expected them to be powerful due to having such a mighty demon as their father. Even when Zero had specifically demanded Kirinmaru kill them, he still chose not to act personally just for that. He only decided to fight them when they were about to reach his ship and despite showing his belief that half-demons should not exist and repeatedly mocking them, he freely admitted that Towa truly was his rival's granddaughter after she managed to land a blow on him.

Despite Kirinmaru's apparent cold demeanor, he is truly an honorable warrior who firmly believes in proving oneself in combat through rightful means and has a code of morals. He refused to take advantage of Tōga's weakened state to have him killed and take Japan for himself, even chastising Kyūki and Konton for ever so much as suggest it, and even ordered Riku to aid on Tōga's healing, as he thinks an underhanded victory would never leave one truly satisfied. Kirinmaru was also shown to have a firm belief that any power one wields must be their own and holds the Rainbow Pearls and Shikon Jewel both in contempt over the fact many demons desire their power, to where he refers to the Shikon Jewel as a worthless orb and though he entrusted the Pearls to the Shikyō, it was clearly more out of a desire to keep it in safe hands instead of enhancing their abilities, being uninterested in their deaths and the fact that the Pearls were removed from them and he scoffed at the Half-Demon Princesses for having relied on the Rainbow Pearls for so long they aren't able to naturally manifest their powers while never trying to recover the Pearls while they still had it. Zero even stated that Kirinmaru was uncompromising when it came to his standards. Considering Zero's wish that brought the Rainbow Pearls to existence as being a grave dishonor, Kirinmaru also shows his standards and honor extends to his own sister, as he has repeatedly shown himself to be unnerved by her malice and sinking into new lows to fulfill her dark desires to where he eventually decided to put a stop to it by scattering the Rainbow Pearls through the land, showing his contempt towards the Pearls as a whole. He could also show sincere respect and reason towards those who had earned it, as shown by how he treated Sesshōmaru's mother with the formal title of your ladyship even when she no longer ruled the Western Land and showed respect towards Sesshōmaru despite his failure of finding Akuru's pinwheel and apparent desire to take care of his daughters, going as far as to bow to him and sincerely apologize for Zero breaking Tenseiga and agree to prevent Zero from unleashing her wrath upon his daughters. He seemed to genuinely regret killing Setsuna and even lamented she couldn't be resurrected as the Tenseiga was broken. When he had defeated Towa and Moroha, instead of killing them, he instead patiently waited and watched over them until Towa woke and sincerely praised her for the good fight and expressed hope to meet her again in the future and he even showed the deceased Setsuna genuine respect by promising to remember her always.

In combat, Kirinmaru keeps a composed and controlled attitude: He believes firmly that warriors must be strong of mind, body and spirit and is quite willing to belittle his opponent when they fail to perform well but he seems to be more chastisizing than mocking when his foes fail to show mastery over all three crucial aspects of combat. He is also fully willing to compliment their performance when they actually managed to put up a fight against him.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immense Demonic Power: Regarded as the equal of the great Lord of the Western Lands Tōga and as the Ruler of the Eastern Lands, Kirinmaru possesses overwhelming levels of demonic power and is regarded as the strongest demon in history along with his rival, having even in his younger days been able to defeat countless enemies through the globe and only being defeated by the Great Dog Demon of the West before rivaling him and becoming the strongest demon in the series and existence with him dead. He was believed by Sesshōmaru to be capable of killing Inuyasha and Kagome, despite the former being an extremely powerful half-demon with experience defeating some powerful daiyōkai and the latter being an exceptionally powerful priestess, to where he took the measure of sealing them away instead of allowing him to fight them, which was proven true when even with Moroha helping them, he effortlessly neutralized all their attacks, even the Adamant Barrage and Backlash Wave as well as Kagome's sacred arrows, and would have killed them had he not been emotionally pressured, being deemed capable of destroying them with a single attack. Kirinmaru's power was also shown when on both occasions he engaged the Half-Demon Princesses, despite holding back in the first altercation and being injured in the second fight, he was still able to easily display superior power over all three of them, going as far as to easily defeat Moroha's Beniyasha form and even slay Setsuna as well as eventually overpowering Moroha and Towa at the apex of their power, though not without serious effort in the latter part. Even the power of the Rainbow Pearls, created by the sorrow and remarkable power of his sister Zero, was no match for his, meaning his power also exceeds hers, as shown not only by his effortless defeat of Towa, Setsuna and Moroha when they still wielded the Pearls but also by how he was easily able to override his sister's control over them and prevent them from restoring Zero's demonic powers before easily scattering them across the land despite Zero willing them to return her demonic powers to her. He has displayed excellent control over his demonic energy, capable of manifesting it in various ways and varying intensity, and his power appears to be strong enough to affect the weather and surroundings, as simply his presence was able to cause storm clouds, completely shifting the atmosphere.
    • Telekinesis: He is shown able to use his demonic energy for a powerful form of telekinesis, to where he could effortlessly levitate the Rainbow Pearls with a clench of his fist before simply scattering his fist to send them scattering across the land and summoned his sword to him with a meager hand wave. He even removed the sword Riku impaled on him with no hand gestures at all and easily telekinetically flung Towa aside with a wave of his hand. In Episode 37, he uses his hand to steal the Black Pearl from Moroha with a meager telekinetic wave as he tells her to find Akuru's pinwheel or she'll never see her parents again.
    • Demonic Energy Blasts: Kirinmaru is shown to be capable of releasing powerful energy blasts from his bare hands that were strong enough to easily pressure Setsuna's defenses and even cancel Towa's ability to absorb demonic energy. He could also release a barrage of demonic energy blasts strong enough to injure Riku's eyes. He could also channel demonic energy into his sword without any special technique to release powerful slashes of energy easily able to batter Setsuna and Moroha, even forcing her back to her human form when she was using her full demonic power. He was even able to cut through Setsuna's weapon and critically harm her with a single demonic-energy enhanced slash. He could even dissipate Inuyasha's Backlash Wave with a crescent-like slash and when enraged released such a powerful shockwave of demonic energy that it would have killed Inuyasha, Kagome, and Moroha had Tessaiga's sheath not protected them. He used the same shockwave to get rid of demons in front of the Windmill of Time.
    • Demonic Energy Barriers: Kirinmaru could create powerful circular barriers, even when using a normal sword, able to easily negate Moroha's Tenkū no Yabusuma and he also displayed a reflective variant that could reflect her Crimson Backlash Wave. He could manifest such barriers swiftly, as he was able to create one quick enough to block Setsuna's attack moments after knocking aside Towa. Upon tapping into his full power, he displayed the ability to create from his bare hands' powerful demonic shields that were able to stop Towa's Twin Azure Dragon Wave and Moroha's Crimson Dragon Wave and also seemingly use it to lessen the damage when he couldn't dissipate it as well manifest from his sword a large barrier strong enough to eventually repel the slash of Moroha's giant fiery dragon projection.
    • Aerokinesis: Kirinmaru is capable of manifesting his demonic energy in the form of powerful waves of wind-like demonic energy without even having to move his hands at all, which he can control the intensity of, ranging from simply intimidating the Half-Demon Princesses and Kyūki and Konton while also opening the door behind them, to easily dispersing Tōtetsu's demonic smoke and knock him down, as well as shoot down Takechiyo and repeatedly easily ground the Half-Demon Princesses. He could also release a powerful tornado of wind that were able to easily launch Moroha off the ground and to a considerable distance and knock her out.
    • Pyrokinesis: Like Karan of the Panther Devas of the Panther tribe, Kirinmaru uses his bare hand to incinerate both the Azusa no Yumihari and the Windmill of Time.
  • Teleportation: Through unknown means, Kirinmaru has displayed the ability to teleport to another location.
  • Flight: Kirinmaru is capable of levitating himself off the ground and remaining suspended as well as flying through the air at incredible speeds with ease. In Episode 29, Kirinmaru is capable of flight as he took his daughter Rion around the world. He can enhance his flight speed by surrounding himself in demonic energy, to where he was able to reach the time portal when it was moments from closing despite being a noticeable distance away.
  • Psychic Link: Kirinmaru has a telepathic connection with Osamu Kirin, as he realized that the Grim Comet appeared in the modern era.
  • Master Swordsman: Kirinmaru proved to be an incredibly skilled swordsman, casually fighting off the assault of Moroha, even when she was using the full power of her demonic heritage to execute powerful melee blows, and easily overwhelming Setsuna and Moroha using their weapons, going as far as to mock them for their inferior combat skill, as well as going toe-to-toe with Sesshōmaru in a sword fight. He even displayed the ability to use a normal sword with great skill, able to effortlessly defend himself from Towa, despite having been injured by Riku before, and he was able to use his own sword to still outfight Towa with ease. He later easily fought off and pushed back Inuyasha and even casually neutralized a combined attack from him and Kagome by spinning his sword. He also easily outdueled Riku upon drawing his sword.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Although preferring swordsmanship, Kirinmaru is also an excellent unarmed fighter. He has displayed a noteworthy amount of dexterity and precision in defensive techniques, being able to stop weapons with just two fingers completely and able to use his armored wrists to intercept attacks. He was able to effortlessly overcome Moroha's sword attacks without drawing his sword and even effectively fight off Riku and Rion attacking together solely with his bare-handed skills while holding back to not harm his daughter, repeatedly tossing Riku aside.
  • Immense Strength: Kirinmaru possessed an enormous amount of physical strength, being able to easily counter Moroha's Sankon Tessō even while only using his armored hand with enough force to toss her aside, and casually block Towa's sword attacks and even easily bruise her with a simple light blow from his sword. He could also clash equally with Sesshōmaru with such force that their sword fight released shockwaves that rose the tide of the ocean and left considerable pressure on Towa, Setsuna, and Jaken and even shattered the ground with a single blow from his sword. Even in a weakened state, he remained able to effortlessly block attacks from Towa with one hand and was still able to easily overwhelm Towa in a sword lock without really trying to overpower her and even go as far as to comfortably maintain the struggle with one hand while using only two fingers of the other hand to stop Setsuna's Kanemitsu no Tomoe and knock her aside simply by flicking those fingers before tossing Towa aside even as she tried to intensify her demonic power. He even managed to slice through Setsuna's weapon and fatally injure her. Kirinmaru later casually used two fingers from his left hand to catch Moroha's Kurikaramaru while while his right hand holds the Black Pearl as he warned her if she wants it badly, then bring him Akuru and was able to not only still easily deflect Moroha's attacks just by impacting his wrist into her sword but even casually stop her attack by grabbing her in the face and easily throwing her with enough force to injure and somewhat daze her. His strength is able to even neutralize Inuyasha's Kaze no Kizu and Kongōsōha, even with the latter augmented by Kagome's arrow, with pure strength alone and just by swinging his sword.
  • Immense Speed: Kirinmaru showed vast levels of superhuman speed, being able to move fast enough to form afterimages while easily reacting to and outpacing the attacks of Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha and even go toe-to-toe with Sesshōmaru, also an extremely fast individual.
  • Immense Agility and Reflexes: Kirinmaru possesses extremely fast superhuman reflexes and agility, being able to easily react to and overcome attacks from highly fast and agile individuals like Inuyasha, Towa, Setsuna, Moroha, and even Sesshōmaru. He repeatedly easily avoided Moroha's sacred arrows, even when his back was turned. Kirinmaru even reacted to Riku and Rion's attacks simultaneously without much effort.
  • Immense Stamina: He possesses tremendous levels of superhuman stamina to exert himself at full capacity for prolonged periods of time with little strain, being totally unfazed from his fight with Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha and then Sesshōmaru and even remaining fully conscious and able to leave his second fight with them even after fighting Towa and Moroha at their full power despite suffering remarkable injuries whereas they were left unconscious and struggled to walk afterward. Later on, Kirinmaru was shown to be able to easily defeat Moroha, then go on to fight Sesshōmaru, unleash a powerful attack on the girls that left Sesshōmaru near-death, and afterwards was still at peak condition and perfectly able to keep searching for the Black Pearl and later on even fight a fresh Inuyasha, Kagome, and Moroha, all while showing no signs of fatigue despite being pressured noticeably through it all.
  • Immense Durability and Endurance: Kirinmaru displayed massive levels of superhuman endurance and durability, as he showed little pain and only suffered a slight scratch from Towa's full-strength sword slash to his face. He was even able to survive being stabbed in the side by Riku with only minimum pain, going as far as to casually walk down the stairs with it still embedded in his body while able to talk normally, and still retain more than enough power to effectively fight, even being able to take having it worsened by Towa stabbing him in the same place without much pain, going as far as to be able to still talk and even blast her aside even when she had intensified her attack and took an attack from Setsuna's Blood Blade that broke through his barrier with only a scratch. He was even able to astonishingly take Towa's Twin Azure Dragon Wave and Moroha's amplified Crimson Dragon Wave and survive and still continue to fight until he eventually overwhelmed his opponent. Even his past self was resilient enough to keep fighting after having his left antler cut by his would-be rival and remain conscious after having his hand also cut off and able to fly to his ship only hours later. He also withstood Setsuna's full-force Vermilion Bird's Ambush even after being weakened by Moroha's sacred power and Towa's Kyūyōkon-amplified Twin Azure Dragon Wave with only mediocre burn injuries and little pain.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Kirinmaru appears to possess some regenerative factor. Within a matter of days, he was shown to be able to heal from all the damage he suffered from his fight with Towa, Moroha and Setsuna, although some of them remained as scars. He also managed to regrow the hand that was cut off but could not restore his left antler.
  • Demonic Magic: Kirinmaru is shown to be an accomplished sorcerer capable of making use of rather complicated forms of magic.
    • Necromancy: He was able to bind Rion's soul to the living world and even forcefully resurrect her by placing her soul into a clay doll to serve as a host body.
    • Demonic Barrier: Kirinmaru was responsible for the powerful barrier placed on Mount Musubi.
      • Reality Warping: Kirinmaru was able to manipulate the barrier so as to place Setsuna and Towa in separate pocket dimensions that can only be exited by discovering the right answer.
    • Vocal Projection: Kirinmaru can project his will through great distances, as shown when he projected his voice to test Towa, Moroha, and Setsuna, and later on appeared in the form of purple shadow to force Rion to her clay doll host.
    • Zanseiken's curse: Kirinmaru was able to place a powerful curse on the Zanseiken so that anyone who wields it would have their kon sapped away from them until they became lifeless husk in order to prepare the wielder to be Rion's host body.
  • Natural Leadership: He has great power and authority over dozens of demons from the mainland but especially his top minions, the Four Perils.
  • Transformation (変化, へんげ, "Henge"): It appears that Kirinmaru can change his appearance to resemble a human's, like Tōga, Sesshōmaru, and Sesshōmaru's mother. He also seems to be able to partially transform into his demonic form, manifesting horns in his foreheads and transforming his left hand into a green spiky arm.
  • Longevity: Like many yōkai, Kirinmaru is capable of living for many centuries and remains unchanged even after the birth of Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha.
  • Spiritual Sight (briefly): Kirinmaru is seen to have the ability to see the spirit of the Windmill of Time, Akuru.


  • Bakuseiken: One of the two swords given by the god of stars, Amatsumikaboshi. It is powerful enough to clash evenly with Sesshōmaru's Bakusaiga and durable enough to easily block Moroha's Kōryūha and Hijin Kessō.
    • Supreme Demonic & Stellar Energy Storing: Originating from the infinite cosmos itself, it possess nearly infinite amount of stellar power as well as that of demonic energy, being created by the almighty God of the Stars himself. However, such abilities are negative and quite destructive as they are lethal. These powers are equal to its positive counterpart.
    • Blasting Barrage: While using his sword, Kirinmru could channel demonic energy into it to release powerful slashes of energy easily able to batter Setsuna and Moroha, even forcing her back to her human form when she was using her full demonic power. He also has a powerful technique named Blasting Barrage that releases a large slash of energy that fires multiple powerful energy projectiles capable of destroying the Grim Comet and he can even use it with a normal sword with still more than enough power to easily bowl through Moroha's Crimson Backlash Wave. He could also simply empower his sword with it to enhance his striking strength, even able to cut through Setsuna's weapon and critically injure her with a single demonic-energy enhanced slash and able to slash through Moroha's fiery dragon projection.
    • Wind Blast: Kirinmaru blast the wind on Moroha, similar to Tsubaki's wind blast from her right eye, Ryūra's Wind Blast from Fūjinga, and Setsuna's Senpū-jin.
    • Demonic Black Hole: Kirinmaru was able to release an extremely powerful black-hole projection of demonic energy strong enough to overpower Towa's full-power and knock her out, leaving her unable to absorb his demonic energy and destroying her giant demonic dog projection.
    • Demon Fireball: Kirinmaru made a huge demonic fireball that gradually absorbs one's very haku (the vital life energy that allows the physical self to move) from them until they perish.
    • Life-Force Replenishment: Since his daughter Rion can't move her body, he use the haku from the blade to replenish her, so she could move again, aware that his daughter would soon be able to have enough haku energy to sustain her artificial body on her own.


  • Riku's Sword: Kirinmaru used Riku's sword with two silver point on the top as the sharp blade goes. After Riku stabbed him, and during the battle with the Half-Demon Princesses at the ruin of Izayoi's mansion, it broke while protecting it with the barrier by Moroha's enhanced Crimson Backlash Wave.


  • Mask: Kirinmaru used to wear a mask sometimes into battle. It is unknown when or why he wore the mask at times and other times he didn't. He permanently discarded it just before his second battle with the half-demon princesses.



  • While his actions mark him as an antagonist, it doesn't seem that Kirinmaru really has evil intentions, in stark contrast to the previous main antagonist Naraku. He had never really wanted to kill the Half-Demon Princesses and even made it clear he had no reservations letting them leave unharmed if they do not challenge him. It seemed that Zero was the real Big Bad as she was the one who orchestrated Towa and Setsuna's separation and everything bad that came in the series related to him, with Kirinmaru clearly exasperated by her relentless desire to kill the main protagonists. Indeed, he even went as far as to prevent Zero from regaining her demonic powers to maintain peace with Sesshōmaru and when he killed Setsuna, he appeared genuinely regretful and spared Towa and Moroha despite their power clearly threatening and injuring him considerably. He even went as far as to say he looked forward to their next meeting, indicating he has plans for them.
    • From what is known of his true agenda, it seemed that it has something to do with the Windmill of Time and an entity named Akuru and the Grim Comet, as he seemed to be working with Sesshōmaru and his mother to find what he deemed to be Akuru's pinwheel and when Osamu Kirin, who clearly has a connection to him, noticed the Grim Comet arriving in the modern era, he stated he would have to do something, suggesting he actually has noble goals in mind, as he seems to have some time-travel powers or experience and yet has done nothing to use that to warp time itself to his will, making it further unlikely he really intends to rule over everything, as Myōga stated he was content with ruling the Eastern Lands and he never showed any desire to take the Western Lands, even getting angry when his subordinates demanded him to do that.
  • In addition to his agenda starkly contrasting to Naraku's, his traits all heavily differ from the previous main antagonist.
    • Naraku saw himself as superior to all beings, human and demon alike and especially despised half demons and never considered anyone but Sesshōmaru to be worthy of praise and respect. Kirinmaru on the other hand is shown to be mostly neutral towards humans and half demons and willing to acknowledge them if they were exceptional.
    • Those under Naraku’s command were often incarnations whose hearts he removed and threatened with death to ensure their obedience while the demons under Kirinmaru’s command are completely loyal to him with the exception of Kyūki. While there does exist some similarity between them in this regard in that they both were apathetic to the lives of those under their command, unlike Naraku who was more than willing to threaten and abuse them and would kill them if they failed or tried to betray him, Kirinmaru at least gives his followers some praise and acknowledge that anyone who serves under him must be a powerful warrior and towards those who are worthy, like Riku, he outright shows acknowledgment. Not only that, unlike Naraku's abusive and condescending demeanor, Kirinmaru seems to be simply strict and firm and never actually abuses his followers and seems to tolerate failure to an extent, only disciplining them when necessary, not even killing Totetsu despite his failure and attempt to lure the Half-Demon Princesses to him cowardly and acknowledging Riku as his most trusted retainer despite his failure to save Tōga, whereas Naraku didn't hesitate to kill any one who failed.
    • Unlike Naraku's cowardice, sadistic and taunting demeanor, and utter lack of empathy, Kirinmaru is an honorable warrior who never backs down from a fight and he prefers granting swift and quick defeats and deaths to his opponents and seems to be more lecturing and disappointed than mocking against a failing enemy, with clear ability to recognize and respect emotional attachments in others, as displayed by his fights with Towa, Moroha and Setsuna and his attitude towards Sesshōmaru.
    • Whereas Naraku sought to gain more power by using the power of the Shikon Jewel, utterly admired it's power, and would take back the Jewel Shards he gave to anyone, Kirinmaru holds anyone using enchantments to their abilities in contempt and only gives the Rainbow Pearls to his subordinates as it was a necessity and allows the Half-Demon Princesses to keep theirs.
  • As he is regarded as the equal of the Great Dog Demon, with him dead, Kirinmaru is currently the most powerful character in the entire series, with only Sesshōmaru seemingly being his equal.

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