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All those years we spent hiding in the light...we were wrong. We should have embraced the darkness from the start.
~ Kirop

Kirop is one of the antagonists in the Bionicle series, serving as a minor antagonist in the 2008 storyline. He is a former Av-Matoran who was mutated into a Shadow Matoran.


Kirop was originally created as an Av-Matoran to prepare Karda Nui for Mata Nui's awakening. However, when the Makuta AntrozChirox, and Vamprah came to Karda Nui, they mutated Kirop and some other Av-Matoran. After Kirop's light was sucked out by a Shadow Leech, he served Chirox and acted as his "eyes" (Chirox, Antroz, and Vamprah had been blinded).

Later, the Toa Nuva captured Kirop and took his Keystone. After Kirop escaped, the Toa followed him to the Shadow Leech hive.

When the Toa discovered that a Klakk could cure a mutated Av-Matoran, Kirop was the first Shadow Matoran to be cured. Kirop, along with the rest of the Av-Matoran, was evacuated from Karda Nui and taken to Metru Nui.


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