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Thief Knight Kiros is a major antagonist in Hikari Sentai Maskman. He is a thief knight known throughout the underground for being able to steal nearly any valuable, which he hoards in a cave that serves as his hideout. After escaping imprisonment, he allies with the Underground Empire Tube but is not in any way loyal to them and acts as a wild card between them and the Maskmen.

He is portrayed by Shunta Fuchino.


Two years before the Tube Empire began their invasion of the surface, Kiros caught sight of Princess Ial bathing and immediately developed an attraction to her, desiring to make her his own. Before he could make a move on her however, he became trapped within the "Whirling Hell", a vortex of winds that imprisoned anyone who came within them.

After spending two years trapped, Kiros was able to develop a move known as the "Crescent Screw", which he used to raise him out of the Whirling Hell and back onto safe land. After escaping, Kiros discovered that the underground had changed in the time he was imprisoned, and that Ial had become frozen after falling in love with the human male Takeru.

Upon, discovering Ial's current fate, Kiros approached Earth Emperor Zeba and offered to ally with Tube and defeat the Maskman for them in exchange for being given frozen Ial as payment. While the other Tube forces were wary of bringing in Kiros, especially Igam, Zeba accepted Kiros' offer and saw his power as an asset against the Maskmen. Kiros then went to the surface to confront the Maskman. Kiros easily gained the advantage over the Maskmen, using his Crescent Screw in conjunction with a Doggler Beast to destroy their Shot Bomber. Kiros also revealed his hatred of Takeru for being the man Ial fell in love with instead of him.

While aligned with Zeba, Kiros suspected something was amiss with his identity and began searching for the secret behind the Earth Emperor. Theorizing that Zeba was the infamous Lethal Doggler, Kiros excavated the tomb Lethal Doggler was sealed in in search of clues, finding only a Doggler guarding it. Kiros continued to search for leads connecting Zeba's identity to Lethal Doggler, but his theory was proven false when Igam awakened the remains of Lethal Doggler in the pond he was born in.

When Earth Imperial Commander Baraba was given a final chance by Zeba to stop the Maskman, Kiros used him to get inside the frozen tomb and retrieve Ial's frozen body. However, when he discovered that Baraba intended to kill the frozen princess instead of handing her over, he secretly removed the bombs on her and took her away, Kiros leaving Baraba to deal with by the Maskman on his own. Kiros meanwhile took Ial back to the place he believed no one could reach him, the Whirling Hell.

In response to Kiros kidnapping Ial, both Takeru and Igam, pursued him to get the princess back. Though he had Ial, he still needed to free her from her frozen seal and enlisted the help of Oyobu to free her, as his fire abilities could melt the ice seal. However, when Kiros tried to get Oyobu to use his fire to free Ial, Oyobu instead attacked him, soon being assisted by Igam and Fumin, as well as the Doggler that controlled the Whirling Hell, who left him fatally injured. As he lay dying from his wounds, Kiros gazed Ial being freed from her frozen imprisonment by the Aura of Takeru and witnessed the two lovingly embrace as his final sight before dying.



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