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This is the place full of ocean with divine air. That is the divine punishment that can destroy stards bring down a flying fleet. Fate/Grand Order: Cosmost in the Lostbelt. Atlantis: Ocean in the Age of Titans. I will use anything that is granted upon myself, and I will definitely win.
~ Kirschtaria narriting the trailer of Atlantis: Ocean in the Age of Titans

Kirschtaria Wodime is the leader of the Crypters and the main antagonist of Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt, serving as the Crypter of the two-part fifth chapter, respectively named Atlantis: Ocean in the Age of Titans and Olympus: Interstellar City Mountains, that center around the two-part Greek Lostbelt.

He is voiced by Soma Saito, who also voiced Vinegar Doppio from the TV anime adapation of JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Vento Aureo (Golden Wind).


Being the most entrusted A-Team member by the late Marisbury Animusphere, Kirschtaria Wodime was once considered to be the most sutable successor to Chaldea's leadership, beyond Marisbury's own daughter Olga Marie. He was formerly the Head of the Department of Astromancy at the Clock Tower and leader of Team A. He is the young head of the Wodime clan, which has a thousand years old history and magic circuits to go along with it.

Along with other soon-to-be Crypters, Kirschtaria was ordered to be teleported into "Singularity Point F" in 2015. However, with Lev Lainur's betrayal, Kirschtaria was amongst the casualties of the conspiracy and was be put into cryofreeze in their coffins.

Cosmos in the Lostbelt

Second Prologue


Anastasia: The Permafrost Empire


Götterdämmerung: The Eternal Flame Century

Kirschtaria first appeared in Ophelia's room as a hologram, discussing about the affair of Norse Lostbelt, while revealing the situation of Chinese Lostbelt and Indian Lostbelt, where Caster Limbo was resided at the time. Ophelia showed her devotion and loyalty towards him and vowed to make him pleased.

Kirschtaria appeared again much later when the Chaldea crew confronted Ophelia and her allies. Speaking through his hologram once more, Kirschitaria sent Caenis to warn Scathach-Skadi and the Chaldea crew, as well as revealing the trump card he currently held, and most importantly, his partnership with Zeus.

After the message, Kirschtaria cut off his transmission. Although being agitated by Scathach-Skadi for one moment, when she spoke about Caenis' dark past for being raped by Poseidon, Caenis retreated when Sigurd blocked her attack, knowing that he was under the possession of Surtr.

SIN: Land of Unified Knowledge


After the destruction of Norse Lostbelt, Kirschtaria summoned the remaining Crypters for another meeting, including a defeated Kadoc, who remained in Kirschtaria's Lostbelt. During the meeting, Koyanskaya arrived and started her pretentious weep for the demise of Ophelia Phamrsolone.

Disgusted, Hinako Akuta called out Koyanskaya as the latter's mourning was fake, claiming she was even more disgusting than the problems caused by Chaledea. Blaming Koyaskaya as the reason for Kadoc and Ophelia's downfall, Hinako also stated that she was relieved that Ophelia died so that Koyanskaya wouldn't got her Mystic Eye as a collection.

Irritated, Koyanskaya talked back at Hinako and satried her uncaring attitude towards Ophelia, causing Hinako to get enraged and lashed out at the fox-human, revealing sharpened fang inside her mouth. Before a fight could ensued, Peperoncino stopped them from quarreling, before bluntly stating his sadness over Ophelia's passing.

After both sides were settled down, Scandinavia Peperoncino then proposed a funeral attempt for Ophelia. However, Hinako rejected an idea of funeral, saying she already prepared a bunch of flowers to mourn Ophelia. Then, Hinako left for the Chinese Lostbelt, but not before she stated to Kirschtaria that she never wanted Koyaskaya to enter her Lostbelt ever again.

After Hinako left, Peperoncino stated the Crypters went into a problematic place, suggesting that everyone continue their business in their Lostbelts as usual. However, Beryl Gut disagreed and left. Saddened by Ophelia's demise, Peperoncino asked to Daybit and Kirschtaria about their feelings upon Ophelia's demise. Daybit stated he had no feelings while Kirschtaria remained silent. Still in deep grief, Peperoncino left and prepared Ophelia's funeral alone, not knowing Kirschtaria was silently mourning Ophelia.

Fifth Lostbelt

Atlantis: Ocean in the Age of Titans

In the fifth chapter (part 1), Kirschtaria first appeared in his mansion to meet with other remaining Crypters except Daybit, who was somehow absent. He revealed his true intention to betray Zeus and defeat the Alien God before he could fulfill his own agenda, making his Lostbelt to become the new reality and replace Pan-Human History, and both the Alien God and Zeus would become his targets once he succeeded.

When being asked about the Arthurian Lostbelt, Beryl informed to Kirschitaria that he manipulated the Knights of Round Tables there to chop down the Fantasy Tree there. Beryl revealed that it was his last resort in order to prevent a powerful threat lying within it to manifest, something so strong that could even be a potential threat to the Alien God himself. However, somehow the Lostbelt still existed and Kirschitaria wondered what was going on there.

In addition to that, Beryl also revealed that he was working with a mysterious "little princess" in the Arthurian Lostbelt, who somehow was never bothered when Beryl revealed his true nature as an espionage to her. Instead, she intended to have fun with Beryl with a cheery face. Even as a psychopathic killer, Beryl was so terrified by the princess' unsettling behavior that he scrambled himself out of the Lostbelt as soon as possible.

After acknowledging Beryl's report, Kirschitaria also wondered what happened in the South American Lostbelt, where its functioning remained uncertain and its Fantasy Tree was nowhere to find, either. He began to wonder what Daybit was currently planning inside, considering he was absent from the meeting and the lack of information of his agenda. In addition, Kirschtaria also revealed that the Alien God's nature was an utter mysteries to anyone, even his three Alter-Ego Servants.

After the remaining Crypters was departed, Kirschtaria decided to take the matter to his own hands. After the Chaldea crew fought and defeated Caenis, Kirschtaria was presented in front of them, alongside the Dioscuri Twins (Gemini). He ordered the Gemini Twins to take Caenis away from the battlefield, but in secret, he also instructed them to desert Caenis and threw her into the ocean as a punishment for her failure. The Gemini Twins complied, and they sadistically threw the betrayed Caenis to her presumed death.

When being questioned by Mash about his intention, Kirschitaria merely replied he was about to build a world where humanity would live together with gods. He then started a curb-stomp battle against the Chaldea crew by using stars as his magic circut to fuel his Noble Phantasm, defeating them in just a few rounds.

Just as Kirschtaria was about to kill Ritsuka, a mystrious hooded man whose face resembled Dr. Roman (but with his eyes being orange instead of green) arrived and saved Chaldea crew. Kirschtaria then returned back to his base in Olympus.

Olympus: Interstellar City Mountains

Coming Soon in Early April, 2020!


Stars. Cosmos. Gods. Animus. Antorum. Ambers. Anima, Animusphere.
~ Kirschtaria at the start of his boss battle
O God of void! I now declare the defeat of human wisdom. With our eyes old, with our limbs fragile, our knowledge has stagnated. As the last human, our manifold determinations, our multitude of frustrations, and all our prosperities, I hereby judge null. By means of this blow, the gods shall be struck down. Ring the bell of reform! Grand Order / Anima Animusphere!
~ Kirschtaria summoning his Noble Phantasm: Grand Order / Anima Animusphere





  • Kirschtaria is the first Crypter who directly fights the protagonist in his human form, unlike Hinako Akuta who only fought directly after transforming into her True Ancestor form. He is also the first Crypter that is never defeated in his first fight with Chaldea crew. In addition, he is the first enemy in the game with five extra bars of health.
    • It is possible to bring his HP down to red bar, but once he reaches that, he immediately charges his NP gauge full and annihilates the player's party.
  • Interestingly, Kirschtaria's intro quote during his boss battle is the same quote with the mysterious female voice during the preview trailer of Cosmos in the Lostbelt. His mentioning of "Anima Animusphere" is also the same to Olga Marie Animusphere's spells in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files. Although it can be intepreted to be a reference to Kirschtaria's former partnership with Animusphere Family, it cemented the possibility of a fan-theory's comfirmation, that the Priestess of the Alien God (who is in league with the Crypters) is actually the late Olga Marie herself.


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