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"Get used to having me around, Ian. Because I ain't going nowhere!".
~ Dotty confronting Ian Beale in his own house

Kirsty "Dotty" Cotton is a fictional character and a major antagonist in BBC British TV soap drama EastEnders. She is the daughter of notorious career criminal Nick Cotton and granddaughter of beloved resident Dot Cotton.

She served as a central character in 2008 and went on to serve as a supporting antagonist in 2009-2010, before returning as a anti-hero in 2019-2020 and anti-hero/support antagonist in 2021.

She is portrayed by actress Molly Conlin as a little kid and Milly Zero as a teenager.


Kirsty "Dotty" Cotton returns back to Albert Square in 2019 with her grandmother Dot Cotton who moves into Sonia Fowler home alongside Tiffany Butcher. However, Tiffany is not impressed to see over Dotty's arrival and they later have a short-tim feud afterwards as they both have words against each other until Sonia breaks up the confrontation.

Dotty starts following Tiffany's boyfriend Keegan Baker, as he is looking for a job around the markets. He later abandons this when local businessman Ian Beale starts throwing racial undertones at Keegan before getting punched in the face in his own restaurant.

Dotty meets a perverted stalker named Leo King, who was the son of twisted pedophile Tony King at the markets -as Tony had sexually abused Tiffany's adopted sister Whitney Dean in the past before his eventual deaths a few years later. Dotty forms a relationship with Leo but breaks up with him after discovering his true identity about his obsessive vendetta with Whitney.

At somepoint, Dotty and Bex plan to spend time at the boat party with other party-goers around the square begin to celebrate but the boat crashes when Phil Mitchell and Keanu Taylor were fighting, unintentionally pushed Keanu to the steering wheel making the boat crash to a vessel. It has been revealed that Dennis Rickman Jr. drowned to death while trying to get rescued by Ian. The devastation tragedy left all of Walford residence in shock.

Dotty is confronted by Ian after getting told off by his son Peter Beale at the arches who knows something about how Dennis really died. Dotty later finds a voicemail on a work phone hearing Dennis screaming for help after getting locked in a room by Ian. She shows the voicemail to Ian, who's left shocked by this discovery. Ian starts to blackmail Dotty about wanting the voicemail to go away. Dotty tells Ian that she wants the arches. This was short-lived when Ian deletes the voicemail.

Dotty is later arrested when police find drugs at the nightclub known as "e20" who were called by Ian, who gains the upper-hand on Dotty, but she's later released from prison and continues to get revenge on Ian who's still remaining large after the death of Dennis. Dotty would later find out that Ian is running the pub with Sharon, leaving Phil speechless and anguished.



  • June Brown (who played Dot Cotton) was not happy with Dotty Cotton being recasted by Milly Zero. June would later leave the show for good because of this and the storylines she was given.