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"He's not the monster - I am!".
~ Kirsty reveals to the courtroom in Tyrone's trial that she abused him, not the other way round as she earlier tried to make them believe.

Kirsty Soames was a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street.

She appeared as a central character in 2011 before becoming the show's main antagonist throughout 2012 and the majority of 2013 up until her departure on April 3rd 2013. She was also a mentioned character in 2014 and 2021, the latter of which revealed that the character had been killed-off after Kirsty died from an aneurysm off-screen.

In her storyline, Kirsty had a relationship with established character Tyrone Dobbs and gave birth to their daughter Ruby. The pair later planned to get married, during which Kirsty had domestically abused Tyrone whenever their relationship fell apart. She later jilted Tyrone for his relationship with Fiz Hope and attempted to get Tyrone imprisoned by implicating him as the abuser, but was eventually caught out and she was jailed for her crimes.

She was portrayed by Natalie Gumede.


Kirsty Soames first came to Weatherfield in 2011. She soon meet Tyrone when his friend Tommy persuaded her to talk to him as Tyrone was still getting over the death of his wife Molly. The pair got on well at first, however it was clear something sinister was brewing beneath Kirsty as she clashed with Tyrone's friend Tina McIntyre. In January 2012, Tyrone contemplated leaving her, but upon realizing she was pregnant with his child decided to give her another chance.

Mid way through the way Kirsty began showing signs of abusiveness and hit Tyrone with a spatula. He decided to give her another chance when realizing she didn't have the best upbringing (as she and her mother were abused by her father), and put the abuse behavior down to her hormones kicking in. The abuse continued, and Kirsty left Tyrone not wanting to attack him any longer. Tommy, unaware of Kirsty's violent tendencies, tracked her down down to get back with Tyrone as he was "missing" her and the baby. Kirsty agreed, and she reconciled with Tyrone and they had a daughter called Ruby.

In order to ensure Tyrone remains with her, she left his name off Ruby's birth certificate, so if he did leave her he wouldn't have rights over the child. Upon realizing this Tyrone stayed with her, and even offered to give up work to look after the baby so she can return to work, which Kirsty accepted.

Unable to put up with her abuse, Tyrone confided in his ex-girlfriend Fiz Stape and they entered int oa secret love affair. Tyrone came up with an idea to marry Kirsty so he can get rights to Ruby, and then leave her. This backfired however when Kirsty discovered text messages on Tyrone's "secret phone" from Fiz and plans about getting custody. On the wedding she exposed the affair to the shocked guests. Later on that day, she got into an argument and fell down the stairs. She pinned the blame on Tyrone saying he was abusing her (which was backed up by some residents who believed he was the abusive one). Tyrone attempted to flee the country with Ruby, but was arrested and held in custody until his trial.

On the day of his trial, Kirsty flew into a rage and hit her friend Julie Carp. Julie left the house, and unable to put up with Ruby's crying, Kirsty turned up at the court and confessed she lied about being abused and that Tyrone was innocent. She was remanded in custody and later imprisoned.

In 2014, it was revealed she had been released from prison and left the country. In 2021, Tyrone and Fiz learn from the police that Kirsty has died from an aneurysm.



  • Natalie Gumede (the actress who played Kirsty Soames) won the "Villain of the Year" award at the 2013 British Soap Awards ceremony.