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Villain Overview

I would bear the burden of being seen as evil for the sake of my nation and its people. Because *that* is what it means to serve with selfless devotion. That's why I needed to survive. Sacrificing you all meant saving the lives of men, women, children, and elderly... I...wanted to live.
~ Kirumi explaining her reasons for attempting to sacrifice the other students and escape the school.

Kirumi Tojo is a character in the video game Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, who started off as a supporting protagonist in the first chapter until she revealed herself as the culprit of Chapter 2, who murdered Ryoma Hoshi in order to escape from the Killing School Semester and was executed by Monokuma after she failed escaping the academy.

She was voiced by Kikuko Inoue in Japanese and Kira Buckland in English.


Kirumi is a thin and tall young woman with pale sandy, greenish-blonde hair, long bangs that hides her left eye (her left eye can be shown sometimes when expressing certain emotions), light green eyes and pale skin. Her maid uniform has a black apron with spider web patterns and a white dress underneath it. She also wears a black headdress with black lace and frills attached to it, black tights and grey, high-laced pinwheel shoes.


During the first Chapter and the first half of Chapter 2, Kirumi is known to be a kind, refined, selfless and mature young lady. She has a keen mind and she is talented in various ways, reportedly able to carry out any job, as well as capable of being independent. She also disliked being called a "mom" of the group by Kokichi Oma.

Kirumi is endlessly loyal to the people she cares about. This eventually ends up pushing her to kill Ryoma Hoshi when she learns that all of Japan might be in danger if she doesn't escape. Despite the fact that she genuinely cares about the other members of the killing game, she still is willing to put her country and the needs of her people before them, even if she must kill someone to escape.

She is also shown to be extremely smart and is very good at planning. This is seen in her murder attempt, where she almost manages to use Himiko's magic trick to successfully frame someone else for killing Ryoma and almost gets away with her crimes.


  • Kirumi is the only blackened to try to run away from her execution.

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