Kishime is one of the three bio-warriors created by Dr. Kochin and a supporting antagonist from the Dragon Ball Z film World's Strongest.

He was voiced by Chris Rager.


Along with Ebifurya and Misokatsun, Kishime attacked Piccolo after he protected Gohan and Oolong from the Bio-Men and succeeded in defeating him. When Kochin wanted to test Master Roshi's power, Kishime and his two comrades were released into an arena with him, with Kishime finishing the master off with one of his electric whips. After Goku proceeded to the second level of Wheelo's fortress, Kishime and Ebifurya attacked him. Kishime himself managed to avoid the Saiyan's blows using his teleport power. Later when Krillin and Gohan showed up to help Goku, the bio warrior ensnared them with his electric whips and tossed them into the air for Ebifurya to freeze them. Kishime however met his end when Goku broke free of the ice using his Kaio-ken, circumventing the bio warrior's teleporting and delivered a crushing blow to his back in the air.

Powers and Abilities

Kishime has superhuman abilities similar to most Dragon Ball characters, as well as the ability to use the electric whips sprouted from his arms and chest. He can also teleport.



  • Kishime's name is a pun on Kishimen, the Japanese word for noodles in flat strips.


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