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Kishnar is one of the main antagonists in The Real Ghostbusters episode Very Beast Friends. He is the master of earth and fire who appears every one thousand years to do battle with Anshar to determine who would rule the Earth.


As both Anshar and Kishnar were immortal, neither of them can die and as a result, their battles always ended in stalemate.

After untold numbers of unsuccessful attempts to best Kishnar for what must have been eons, Anshar proposed with the idea that if he and Kishnar possessed two mortals and fight to the death, one of them would win. The opportunity was finally hit when the Ghostbusters were stranded on their island, and Anshar possessed Peter Venkman and Kishnar possessed Ray Stantz.

Both Anshar and Kishmar utilized negative energy by forcing Peter and Ray in a series of arguments, allowing both entities to gain corporeal bodies. Fortunately, Egon Spengler, Slimer, and Winston Zeddemore saved the day by keeping the two monsters from fighting until sunrise, sending both Anshar and Kishnar to go dormant for another millennium.


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