Kitamakura 2

Kitamakura is a villain in the manga Riki-Oh. He is the one of the Four Emperors and the leader of the east cell block.


Kitamakura is a giant and powerful man capable of crushing people's heads with his bare hands. During Riki-Oh's first battle against Yomi and Shiragami, Kitamakura interferes and throws a pitchfork behind Shiragami's head (strangely he survives, but has the pitchfork still stuck behind his head in later scenes), claiming that he wants to fight Riki-Oh, and when he does, they go into a small building, but it fills up with quick-drying cement. Riki-Oh saves Kitamakura from drowning in the cement. Later, Kitamakura battles Riki-Oh in a prison cell. Before they battle, Kitamakura revealed that he attacked Shiragami because he wanted to become the leader of the Four Emperors. Riki-Oh defeats Kitamakura by injuring his elbow, driving his fist through under his chin, and ultimately punching one of his hands off. However, the Warden activates a device that causes the ceiling of the cell to descend, attempting to crush Riki-Oh. Kitamakura regains consciousness and saves Riki-Oh, but at the cost of his life.


  • Kitamakura is known as Tarzan in The Story of Ricky.
  • He, along with Shiragami, do not appear in the OVA.
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