Kitsune (TMNT)

Kitsune is an antagonist of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise in the IDW Comics. She is a member of the pantheon a clan of immortals which each animal for them to rule.She seeks to revive her Father the Dragon and was the lover of Shredder.


Kitsune was born in the Pantheon as the youngest sibling of the her father the Dragon. She at some point planed on creating the Dragon warrior in which she decides to bring back her father to life for a mortal vessel. She met the foot clan founder Takashi Tetso and became lovers with him. After Takashi's death She reincarnted him into Oroku Saki the man who would eventually become the Shredder.She Met Oroku Saki and  showed him his past life memories causing him to become the Shredder. In the present time She and Shredder became lovers once more she sometimes aid him for his plans and sometimes for her own adengda. After Shredder's death she took his remains to restore him but failed due to Splinter antipicating it and keeping his skull hidden. Depsite splinter's claim that she dosen't love shredder She actually did even if she wanted to use him for his father.

She also dosen't seem to get along with the rest of her family and they don't agree on her plans to ressurect their father either or destroying humanity as a whole.In the Pantheon family reunion She and the rest of silbings disccuss about her plans and they all are against saying that no mortal can ever handle being the vessel of their father. The Ratking somestimes visits Kitsune on a whim. Kisune seems to see her oldest sibling and sister Aka as her rival but Aka dosen't seem to care as she is her younger sister. Aploex also has a grude against Kitsune due to her mind controlling her against her will.

powers and ablitlies

  • Kitsune is an immortal witch with the ablitiy of magic and shapesshifting.
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