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Dogs are evil.
~ Kitty
I was wrong, Bunny. Not all dogs are bad.
~ Kitty redeems herself in the end.

Kitty is a female brown cat and an antagonist in Courage the Cowardly Dog, whose sole featured episode was the two-parter "The Mask".

She was voiced by Barbara McCulloh.


Growing up on the Wrong Side of the Tracks wasn't hard for Kitty so long as she had Bunny there with here. When Bunny traded up and started dating the abusive Mad Dog, Kitty persisted in ending their relationship. Eventually, when her life was threatened, she left out of inability to act. Kitty arrived at the Bagge Farmhouse sometime later, and attacked Courage with a sink. Despite this, she was invited inside by Muriel for tea. She opened up to the couple, but when she was challenged to face her problems, Kitty cleared the table with her arm and departed into the living room. At dinner, when she is once again told that she must face reality, she revealed to Eustace Bagge that she is aware of his failure as a mechanic, and to his wife her overconsumption of sweets. That night, after she stripped off her mask and went to sleep, she awoke to find her toy mouse missing and her room door locked. Too impatient to wait for the farmer to unlock her door, she lowered herself down the window to find the dog, whom she inferred had taken her gift. Kitty took the train back to her home, and arrived just in time to find Bunny and Courage being pursued by Mad Dog. The train destroyed Mad Dog's car, and Bunny told Kitty that she was wrong and not all dogs are bad. Kitty realized her mistake and thanked Courage, and the two finally got away


She has a very passionate hatred of dogs generalized from her feelings towards Mad Dog. When this intense hostility drove her to leave her home and her best friend Bunny, she began to sport a mask to curtain her from reality. Once Courage saved Bunny, she not only realized her error but thanked him for saving her friend from danger.

Her vigilance is also exceptional, targeting flaws and secrets in people's lives. Above all other things, Kitty's devotion is to her friend, and she keeps a toy mouse she received as a gift from her. She and Bunny are friends of Charlie, the rat diner owner.


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