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Why don't you accept your fate? You will return to your chair and you will sit there. You will entertain me and you will entertain my guests. And if you do not, I will simply kill somebody else. Him, perhaps. It doesn't matter. Their blood will be on your hands too, just like poor Varria's. Your only alternative, Data, is to fire. Murder me. That's all you have to do. Go ahead. Fire. If only you could feel rage over Varria's death. If only you could feel the need for revenge, then maybe you could fire. But you're just an android. You can't feel anything, can you? It's just another interesting intellectual puzzle for you. Another of life's curiosities.
~ Fajo threatening Data before his own downfall.

Kivas Fajo is a Zibalian trader in the 24th century, who was was educated on the planet Iraatan V, appearing in one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Most Toys as the main antagonist of the episode.

He was portrayed by Saul Rubinek.


Kivas Fajo was born to a wealthy father and never had to work for his living. Instead, he occupied his days as an immoral collector of rare goods and precious items from across the galaxy. Almost all of his wealth had been obtained via stealing and his collection was equally taken via illegal means. He had the personality of a spoiled child as a result of this criminal lifestyle, and was prone to rage whenever he could not instantly get whatever he desired.

During the year 2366 Fajo became aware of the unique android known as Data, who was the only sentient android known at the time. However, Data was also a member of the Federation ship, Enterprise-D, complicating Fajo's desire to obtain such a rare "toy".

Thus Fajo decided to stage an elaborate plan to kidnap Data from Enterprise, performed via poisoning the water supply of the Beta Agni II colony with tricyanate, a toxic substance which only had an antidote in the form of the rare and dangerous hytritium, which Fajo had at hand and agreed to trade with Enterprise (knowing that due to the danger of the substance transporters would not be used and humans would be in danger, resulting in Data being sent via shuttle).

Upon Data arriving on Fajo's ship he arranged to fake Data's death via a shuttle explosion, claiming a malfunction must of occured - while suspicious Enterprise came to the same conclusion and left, this allowed Fajo to obtain his prize and he quickly began to keep Data as a slave aboard his ship and would continually degrade the android, labeling him a "simple machine", removing his uniform and forcing him to sit on a chair for his amusement, every time Data tried to resist Fajo would threaten to murder one of his crew, usually Varria.

However the Enterprise would soon discover Fajo's trickery and began to pursue the rogue trader, unfortunately they could not arrive in time to prevent Fajo's most gruesome and petty crime when he used a Varon-T disruptor to mercilessly kill Varria for trying to free Data, this weapon was barbaric by the standards of the time as it did not grant instant death, instead Varria was exposed to unimaginable pain as her body was destroyed from the inside out, taking at least five seconds to die.

Data would finally confront Fajo, who quickly tried to blame Data for Varria's death and mocked the android, claiming he would simply kill more of his crew if Data disobeyed and dismissing Data as a non-threat as he believed Data's love for life was a weakness, combined with the Federation's no-kill policy.

Fajo underestimated Data's sentience and the android came to the conclusion Fajo posed to high a danger by being allowed to stay alive and prepared to kill him using the Varon-T disruptor but was prevented when Enterprise finally arrived, beaming him away - Fajo would later be arrested and held in Enterprise's brig, where Data would act as his warden.. he tried to provoke Data further during his imprisonment but was ignored by the android.

Ultimately all of Fajo's stolen goods were taken from him and returned to their proper owners, his crew was likely also arrested or given protective custody, Fajo himself would be imprisoned for acts of murder, slavery and theft (among numerous other crimes).


Fajo's personality was very childish and almost obsessive about his collection, and his speech mannerisms reflected that. He was also very controlling of others, and would often try to get his way through his brash and snippy attitude, becoming very upset if he didn't get his way. His methods could be unscrupulous if it suited his goals.

Fajo showed no sign of any moral fiber. Ultimately, he valued possessing unique and rare items only — he cares nothing for the welfare and lives of other beings. He disregarded Data's right to personal freedom and certainly did not mind killing his own people. He easily killed Varria, his servant for 14 years, without any sign of remorse, and even attempted to pass the responsibility to Data as a result of his disobedience and attempt to escape.


  • He was original to be portrayed by the late David Rappaport. However, David Rappaport, who had long suffered from depression, attempted suicide over the weekend after a few days of filming, and the role was subsequently recast with Saul Rubinek (upon request by the director) taking over as Fajo, several scenes with Rappaport still exist even though Rappaport sadly passed away due to another suicide attempt only a few weeks after his unsuccessful attempt.


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