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Kiyan is the main protagonist of the mobile game Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel. He is a assassin from the Shadow Tribe.


Kiyan is a muscular young man under 20 years old with sliver hair and light blue eyes. He wears dark clothing with armor, a crimson scarf, necklace, and one black glove. Kiyan's arm is tattooed, which represents him as a member of his tribe.


Kiyan is cynical, unfriendly, rude, egotistical, and merciless towards anyone he meets. He calls Eara too skinny for his taste but later builds a bond and is protective towards her. Kiyan is usually foul mouthed and lacks the patience to battle.



Kiyan's past was dark and tragic due to being orphaned as a child. Later, a cardinal named Janus raised him and trained him into becoming his virtuoso of the the Shadow Tribe. He and his older brother named Azad were used as vessels for Moar the dark prince. Cardinal Janus treated Kiyan as a successful being while he treats Azad as a failure.

Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel

As a trainee assassin of his tribe, he was ordered by a member to meet with Darius who is vice leader of the Shadow Tribe. He planned to assassinate the Grafton, Earl of the Berkel knights. He went to the forest and took many soldier's lives. Kiyan headed inside the caves and encountered the Earl and killed him. After the mission was completed, he met a mysterious girl in a white dress named Eara, the channel of light and she he brought his weapon to attack her and was begged by her to spare her life. He remarked her as skinny which made her insulted. After leaving the caves, he reported to Darius that he destroyed Earl Grafton and was considered the best assassin of his tribe.



Since you know who I am, then there is no sense in keeping you alive.
~ Kiyan to the Berkel Soldiers.
All right. So my impure sword will penetrate your pure body. Beg for your life
~ Kiyan to a Berkel soldier
Hmm... No. You should have been begged.
~ Kiyan to a Berkel Soldier
He should have been begged.
~ Kiyan after he killed the soldier
I think it’s the other way around. Die.
~ Kiyan to the Berkel Soldiers
Well, I ate enough people today and you're too skinny for my taste.
~ Kiyan's sarcastic remark when he first met Eara
Listen, I'm going to make this clear for your small fey ears.
~ Kiyan to Shin
I don't like you, if you make one more step foward, I will kill this woman. Channel or not, is this clear?
~ Kiyan to Shin
...Like she's a damsel in distress. You read too much mushy novels.
~ Kiyan to Shin
So what is your decision, you leave or she dies?
~ Kiyan to Shin
Did you just call me insufferable?
~ Kiyan after Eara calls him insufferable.
You have to chose: life or death?
~ Kiyan to Eara
Damn. Retarded goblins. Out of my way!
~ Kiyan to the cave goblins
You are talking about assassination?
~ Kiyan to Ben
I know you think there is no valid reason for committing atrocities. I will still make myself a sinner.
~ Kiyan to Eara
What is that fish on his head? A fishcake? Damn disgusting..he can’t be the Sage, could he?
~ Kiyan in his mind he first sees the Carp Sage sounds even worse than how it should smell.
~ Kiyan to the Carp Sage
Oh my god, if you don’t make that cake, I'm gonna..
~ Kiyan to the Carp Sage
...Shut up... I said, SHUT UP!
~ Kiyan when he yells at the Carp Sage
You have been talking enough bull crap. I've done enough. Now hand over the godforsaken cake!
~ Kiyan when he's angry at the Carp Sage
What? You want your tail cut first? No wait, your eyes pierced out, you say? Or how about a scale shave to make you into sashimi?
~ Kiyan when he threatens the Carp Sage over the cake

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