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Kiyomi Takada
All the messages from Kira I have conveyed to you in the past as well as everything I will tell you in the future will become the law of this world.
~ Kiyomi Takada.

Kiyomi Takada is a popular news anchor and an ex-girlfriend of Light's, as Kira's spokesperson. Under the pretense of investigating her, Light set up meetings with her in hotel rooms monitored by bugs, but not cameras. They communicated by passing notes. He had Takada contact Mikami and send her a substantial number of pages from the notebook, keep his in a secure location, and carry a replica to fool Near, because his appearance on TV would put him under suspicion. At this point, Mello made an unexpected reappearance, and kidnapped Takada. She killed Mello with a piece of the notebook she had secreted on her person, after which Light made her kill herself.

Unfortunately, Mikami visited his safe deposit box and wrote down Takada's name almost simultaneously. This allowed Near's team, who'd been following Mikami, to discover the real notebook and realize Mikami's deception with the fake notebook. This ultimately allowed Near to expose Light and Mikami as Kira and X-Kira resulting in their deaths and ending Light's reign as Kira (which is hinted to have been Mello's true reason for kidnapping Takada knowing it would likely cost him his life).


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