All the messages from Kira I have conveyed to you in the past as well as everything I will tell you in the future will become the law of this world.
~ Kiyomi Takada

Kiyomi Takada is an antagonist in the manga/anime series Death Note, serving as a minor antagonist of the earlier chapters/episodes, and the tritagonist of the final arc of the series.

She was voiced by Maaya Sakamoto and Masumi Okamura in Japanese and Heather Doerksen in English.


Kiyomi is a popular news anchor and an ex-girlfriend of Light Yagami, as Kira's spokesperson. Under the pretense of investigating her, Light set up meetings with her in hotel rooms monitored by bugs, but not cameras. They communicated by passing notes. He had Takada contact Teru Mikami and send her a substantial number of pages from the notebook, keep his in a secure location, and carry a replica to fool Near, because his appearance on TV would put him under suspicion. At this point, Mello made an unexpected reappearance, and kidnapped Takada. She killed Mello with a piece of the notebook she had secreted on her person, after which Light made her kill herself to prevent her giving any information to the task force. Takada's death wasn't mourned but instead considered an embarrassment to Kira's supporters that he'd allow herself to be killed so easily and many spokespeople immediately started campaigns to become her successor, much to the Kira Task Force's disgust.

However, Takada's death would ultimately result in Light's downfall. Unbeknownst to Light as he wrote Takada's name in his torn off piece of the Death Note, Mikami had visited his safe deposit box and wrote down Takada's name in the real Death Note just 1 minute later, unaware Light has the same intention. This allowed Near's right-hand Gevanni, who'd been following Mikami to discover the real notebook and Mikami's deception. This ultimately allowed Near to expose Light and Mikami as Kira and X-Kira resulting in their deaths and ending Light's reign as Kira (which is hinted to have been Mello's true reason for kidnapping Takada and knew it would likely cost him his life).



  • Unknown Man - Died of a heart attack when Takada wrote his name in Mikami's Death Note.
    • Total - 1


  • 1,824 People - Four pages worth of names shown written by Takada in Mikami's Death Note.
  • 1,824 People - Four more pages worth of names written by Takada in Mikami's Death Note, Stevanni is shown taking pictures of the pages.
  • 46,628 People - Names shown written in by Takada Mikami's Death Note, shown on at least thirty screens in front of Near, minus the eight pages (7,296 names) counted previously.
  • 14,592 People - Names shown written by Takada in Mikami's Death Note, shown on at least eight computer monitors in front of and to the left of Near.
  • 10,944 People - Names shown written by Takada in Mikami's Death Note, at least six computer monitors behind Near.
  • 54,720 People - Names shown written by Takada in Mikami's Death Note, shown on at least thirty screens behind Near.
    • 130,532


  • 1,368 People - Names written by Takada in Mikami's Death note, mentioned that "he" wrote one page's worth of names every night for three days, 912 on every page.
  • Mihael Keehl "Mello" – Died of a heart attack when Takada wrote his name on a page of Light's Death Note.
    • Total - 1,369


  • 131,902 People


  • Although never officially recognized as "Kira", Takada has the highest number of confirmed victims out of everyone who used the Death Note, even more so than Light Yagami.
  • Takada's writing style in Death Note was the exact same as Mikami's writing in an attempt to trick Near and kill him. There are thirty-two lines per page in the Death Note and she wrote two names on every line in vertical rows, with six rows on every page.
  • Kiyomi is directly responsible for about ninety-seven percent of all the murders in the Death Note anime.

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