Around, and around, and away ya go!
~ Klank swinging Orbus (when growing monsters).

Klank and Orbus are the right hands to the Royal House of Gadgetry and a supporting antagonist in Power Rangers Zeo. While Klank is a humanoid robot, Orbus is a module that joins with him.

Klank was voiced by Oliver Page while Orbus was voiced by Barbara Goodson.


Klank is the butler type character resembling a humanoid robot who serves King Mondo and the Machine Empire. He is forced to pander Prince Sprocket although this irritates him no end. As a robot, he is very loyal to his King and plays a major role in helping him battle the Zeo Rangers.

Orbus is the robot sidekick to Klank resembling a cute-looking module. Although he is small, he has the power to make the monsters in the Machine Empire grow to huge heights. The high-pitched robot works close to Klank making monsters to defeat the Zeo Rangers.

Klank and Orbus came to the Moon along with the Machine Empire after King Mondo decided to invade the Earth. Though they were fiercely loyal to their masters, they never joined physical battles and were often kicked around. Klank was quite pompous and thought highly of himself and Orbus was used to enlarge the Machine Empire's monsters.

When the King wanted to have his machine monsters grown to Megazord size, Klank was given an upgrade to allow him flexibility to swing Orbus around until he built enough momentum to toss her at the monster in need of enlarging. Klank would swing her at the monsters and she would make them grow. Klank also had a thick Scottish accent while Orbus had a very high pitched voice.

Klank would come up with a plan to defeat the Zeo Rangers or take over Earth, only for Sprocket to immediately take credit for it. Whenever he tried to insist that the plan was his idea, his master would immediately silence him. Once the plan failed, however, Sprocket and Mondo would then quickly blame Klank for coming up with it

The pair also attended the United Alliance of Evil's meeting on the Cimmerian Planet and took part in Dark Specter's enormous assault on the universe, but they weren't seen when Zordon's energy wave struck so whether they survived is unknown.


  • Klank & Orbus' Super Sentai counterpart were Butlers Acha and Kocha.



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