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Klaus is a major antagonist of Fast & Furious 6. He is Owen Shaw's henchman and a high-ranking member of his crew and a professional brutal big-bodied criminal.

He was portrayed by the bodybuilder Kim Kold, who also played Zavanko in Star Trek Beyond.


Klaus is a violent and exceedingly strong member of Shaw's team. He and Denlinger shot the electronic devices into Brian, Roman and Tej's cars during the London chase. Klaus was also the first to notice that Letty had a previous connection to Dom and questioned her loyalties. He and Vegh traveled to Brian and Mia's home and kidnapped her and held her hostage on the cargo plane. He attacks Dom and Hobbs but is eventually defeated when they work together to knock him unconscious. He was unable to regain consciousness before the cargo plane explosion, and is killed. 


Klaus has muscles and very powerful strength like Hobbs and Dom together. He is a very cruel and vicious man because of his strength and his hoarse and throaty voice. He looks like a very scary man because of his physical dimensions.


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