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Excellent. He awakens. Do not try to speak, Young Whitlam. That's right. We know your name, and quite a bit more. You have proven yourself to be a scientific prodigy, unlocking the secret of the G-Virus in a matter of hours. And that killing spree of yours -- quite nasty. It will take some time for you to recover the effects of the virus, but when you do, my employers at Umbrella are prepared to offer you unlimited resources to pursue our unique research. A mind like yours comes along once in a generation. At Umbrella, you can hone your intellect free from the fetters of so-called ethical behavior. We believe it will be an absolutely perfect environment for you. Welcome.
~ Dr. Whitlam to the S.T.A.R.S. operatives.

Klaus is a major antagonist in WildStorm's Resident Evil comic series, serving as the main antagonist of the fifth issue of Resident Evil: The Official Comic Magazine and the secondary antagonist of Resident Evil: Fire and Ice.

He was a very intelligent and crafty agent for the Umbrella Corporation and is always seen with his bodyguard Mr. Venk.


Dexter's Vengeance

After an introverted teenager named Dexter Whitlam sneaks into one of Umbrella's storage warehouses and stole a syringe that contained a sample of the G-Virus, Klaus notices this and interrogated the two security guards. After one of them confessed seeing a teenage boy, Klaus thanked them and orders his bodyguard Venk to kill them and started to track down the boy themselves.

The agents discovered that the boy goes to Pine Grove Academy and going through Dexter's notebooks and unknowingly being watched by Dexter's classmate, Ruthie. Klaus was impressed with Dexter's scientific notes. They also found the syringe that Dexter stole empty and seeing the boy's blood in it and concluding the boy administered the virus.

The agents headed to the academy's gymnasium in time to witness Dexter killing one of his bullies, Kelly Thorndike. As Dexter was about to kill Ruthie, Venk subdued the mutated boy with a large stun gun and both took the boy to a hospital to recover. In the aftermath, Dexter is almost cured from his mutation and Klaus approached the boy on how he was impressed with Dexter's scientific intelligence and killing spree, including unlocking the secrets of the G-Virus. He tells him that it'll take time for him to recover and offers him with unlimited resources if he becomes a employee, to which, Dexter accepts.


After Dexter became an employee for the Umbrella Corporation, Klaus and Venk worked as his henchmen at an Umbrella facility in the Arctic. Now as "Dr. Whitlam", he developed a new virus called the "X-Virus". After capturing S.T.A.R.S. operatives Rosa Cardenas and Patrick Brady and Dr. Whitlam explained that he'll turn them into candidates for his X-Virus, Klaus warns him not to reveal his plans due to the operatives are part S.T.A.R.S., but Whitlam ignores him and reveal his plans to the operatives anyway.

After Whitlam is killed in a blast radius by an Umbrella surveillance minicopter controlled by Quan Williamson by self-destructed the device, Klaus loses his hand from the explosion. While Venk tries to kill the S.T.A.R.S. operatives, one of them named Quan grabs Venk and throws him on top of Klaus and is impaled by the latter's injured hand.


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