Kerner before his transformation

Klaus Kerner is the secondary antagonist of the 1992 computer game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.


Kerner is a Nazi spy who wants to find Atlantis in order to use its ancient and powerful technology to conquer the world. He is first seen with Indy at Barnett College, under the alias of "Mr. Smith". After unlocking a tiny statue and finding a metal bead inside, he steals the bead and statue at gunpoint. The bead is made of a powerful substance called "orichalcum", which Kerner and his superior, Dr. Hans Ubermann, want to use to create weapons of mass destruction.

Indy manages to track the Nazis to Atlantis, where they discover a massive machine in the heart of the city designed to turn humans into gods. In the past, the machine had horribly mutated the Atlantians, but the Nazis believe that the machine will work on them due to their superior Aryan qualities. Ubermann intends to become a god first, but power-hungry Kerner steps onto the ascention platform and orders Ubermann at gunpoint to turn him into a god instead. However, Ubermann only uses one orichalcum bead to power the machine, and Kerner is turned into a mutant, before jumping to his death in a lava pit.


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