We Overseers are organized. We Overseers have means. We overseers will always be on top.
~ The Kleezantsun "Betsy Ross."

The Kleezantsun, or the Overseers are an antagonistic group of Tectonese from the Alien Nation TV series, TV movies, and other media based on the series. Their status as Overseers are deemed war criminals by Earthlings. From time to time Kleezantsun agents would make attempts to contact Tectonese probes roaming in outer space in search of lost Gruza slave spaceship, in hopes of their messages of survival on Earth would reach Overseer vessels who would then come to pick them up and re-enslave the Newcomers who were not Kleezantsun, along with all of humanity.

The Kleezantsun had a tattoo on their wrists to indicate their status. Promising Tectonese youth were taken at a young age and trained to be Overseers. The Kleezantsun would use nerve gasses to keep their slaves docile, and also used Tectonese mythology to convince their slaves that they were demons. The Kleezantsun had at some point in the past enslaved the majority of their fellow Tectonese and forced them to engage in slave labor on their ships and on colonies throughout the galaxy.

In the Earth year 1991, a slave ship named Gruza crash landed in the Mojave Desert outside Los Angeles. Some of the more brutal Kleezantsun who survived were put on trial by the United States Government for war crimes. Many of the remaining Kleezantsun went into hiding. Some tried to put their past behind them and integrate into the Newcomer community. Others banded together in the hopes that their fellow Kleezantsun would come to Earth and rescue them, along with enslaving the Newcomers and all of humanity.

One member of the Kleezantsun nearly succeeded in that goal when he tried to force a scientist to make contact with a Kleezantsun probe. Due to the efforts of LAPD detectives George Francisco and Matthew Sikes he failed in his goal, transmitting a signal early while the probe was behind the sun, which had the effect of blocking the signal.

Out in the wider galaxy the Kleezantsun continued to enslave their Tectonese brethren. For five years they had wondered what had happened to the Gruza. Upon receiving a signal from the ship's beacon they sent an agent named Ahpossno to confirm the slaves survived before sending in their main force. However Ahpossno was infected with a Purist developed virus before he left Earth. By the time he reached the mothership he was dying. Having had a change of heart about the Newcomers on Earth, he decided not to betray them to the Kleezantsun. With his dying breaths he warned the mothership's commander to stay away from Earth, that disease had wiped out all the slaves and if the mothership went there they would be infected as well. Listening to Ahpossno's advice the Kleezantsun left Earth alone.

By the early 2000s, the Overseer population on Earth had gotten with the program, were incarcerated, or were deceased and had "checked into the Boneyard Hilton" as Sikes had put it.

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