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Klepto the Crab is a supporting antagonist in Club Penguin. He is the main antagonist of Puffle Launch and a frequent antagonist in Jetpack Boost.


He has been seen hoarding since his debut in the minigame Aqua Grabber, where he was collecting gold coins underwater.

Eventually, he rebuilt an Aqua Grabber machine as an aircraft to collect from the sky, and began stealing O'berries, the food of limbless furball creatures known as puffles. In the minigame Puffle Launch, the puffles fought him various times to retrieve their stolen berries, ending with a final showdown in the Box Dimension.

In the minigame Jetpack Boost, he appears in his broken aircraft, as an obstacle for penguins to avoid.


Klepto is a very intelligent and powerful engineer with a great knowledge of gadgetry and building, this is downplayed however due to the very blatant and obvious weaknesses his creations contain. He is also completely mute and on a rare occasion will express emotion through his eyes.


Klepto looks identical nearly identical to Klutzy although is quite a bit shorter than him and appears to be a little younger. His features also appear much softer and more round with his shell also having a very shiny tint to it, his eyes are also quite large with prominent irises.



  • His name and gender were revealed in a Top Trumps card.
  • He is the second crab villain of Club Penguin.


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