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So you're trapped in that tin can with nowhere to go and it's my game that's up? You're delusional! Let's see if some smoke will help you clear your mind!
~ Klim to Tom.

Klim is the main antagonist of the Metro Exodus DLC Metro Exodus: Sam's Story. He serves as the second-in-command of Tom, an American firearms dealer who leads an organized gang in Vladivostok, colloquially known as Tom's Army.



Before World War III started, Klim once worked for Tom's arms company who was the handler of connections coming from Russia. Twenty years after the bombs fell, Klim still works as Tom's second-in-command, who also acts as the commander of Tom's personal armed forces, known as Tom's Army.

Metro Exodus: Sam's Story

Sometime after Tom and Captain Eduard Baranov reached a deal to fix the submarine, it is revealed that before Tom and his men are leaving Vladivostok, Tom had plans to remove Klim as he considers his services as no longer useful.

During Sam's travels to the upper marsh in Vladivostok, it is revealed that Klim and his bandits were responsible for killing the Captain's officers who were responsible for disabling the submarine.

Once Sam and Baranov arrives in USS Mayflower with Tom waiting, Klim then initiates a full-scale coup, where he notices the truth behind his imminent removal was a deal made by the Captain itself. Commanding his own bandit army, he later orders them to eliminate Tom, Sam, and Baranov.

He confronts Sam later in the dry docks control room, but he was killed by him in the final confrontation via getting stabbed by a piece of broken glass, resulting in his death.


Klim, at some point, is initially neutral during Sam's first visit to the USS Mayflower. However, as the story goes further, he is shown to have a strong opposition towards Tom's pacifistic nature, even mocking Tom for his inability to use the submarine's nukes. He is highly calculating, murderous, and violent, who is later seen commanding his own bandit army in a failed rebellion to eliminate Tom's crew, Tom, Sam, and Baranov, as a warning of Tom's attempt in getting rid of him.


  • Despite General Korbut, the main antagonist of Metro Last Light, being more ruthless and calculating in his schemes, going so far in planning to destroy the Metro system with the Red Line army through a bioweapon, Klim, on the other hand, plans to usurp Tom's position and take over the U.S.S. Mayflower submarine to incite nuclear war through its nukes. This would make Klim the most dangerous antagonist in the entire Metro series, had it not for Sam's intervention.


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