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I pen this, my last will and testament, in the final moments before my inevitable and willing death. The hour is 11 p.m. and I sit at my writing desk in my office; my good friend Asogi stands at my shoulder. He has expressed his intent to invoke the dying ritual of the duel, that I may depart this world with honor. An honor of which I am utterly undeserving. The Japanese are a truly merciful people. I, Klint van Zieks, lord of the manor of the van Zieks estate, hereby confess to the following: I am the killer who has come to be known in society as “The Professor”, guilty of four counts of murder. I will not here discourse the corruption rife among the aristocracy, which is to me, as one of them, so apparent. However, six months ago, I took the life of a member of the House of Lords at the heart of the depravity. A demon who habitually sacrificed the common man to further his own interests, abusing his position of power. The law is impotent against such vile avarice. Only a fellow demon can rid society of this menace. That demon was my quarry, upon whom I willingly set my great hound. But though I am a hunter of some experience, I am a poor felon, it seems. My guilt was at once recognized by another, and I became subject to his extortion. He held over me the threat of exposing my wicked crime to my beloved wife and brother. Under that threat, I have done this man's bidding for months now, killing those he demanded I kill. As I watched my former mentor perish before my eyes at the jaws of the hound I commanded... I realized that I had lost the last shred of decency within me... and sunk to the level of a wild beast. There is no path back to the light. Be it I or my dear friend Asogi who dies this night... I am eternally damned. To my extortioner, Mael Stronghart... may you feel the jaws of the beast at your throat every time you swallow. As I confront the prospect of my demise... I feel bitter regret for my younger brother. Barok, you have always looked up to me, and now, you follow in my steps to become a prosecutor. It is my fervent wish that my unspeakable deeds should not hinder your advancement. I ask not for understanding, for none could understand my depravity. I ask only for forgiveness. Asogi is a fine detective, and a hunter worthy of respect. He has agreed to honor my final two wishes. The first is that this document survives. The second...I cannot commit to paper. I have confessed my sins to my wife. May she find resolution in my death. With my eternal gratitude to my Japanese friend, I rest my quill. Klint van Zieks
~ Klint van Ziek's last will.

Klint van Zieks is the posthumous overarching antagonist of The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve. He was the older brother of Barok van Zieks who was blackmailed by Mael Stronghart into villainy as The Professor.


Klint van Zieks was born in the van Zieks family in the late 19th century. He wanted equal treatment under the law and ended up quickly rising to prominence as a prosecutor. However, no matter how hard he tried to change the legal system, the criminals continued to escape using the resources they had at their disposal. This ended up leading him to become a criminal himself as he ended up killing a corrupt member of Parliament's House of Lords by killed by having a great hound rip out his throat.

After his first murder, Mael Stronghart figured out that he was the culprit and decided to blackmail him, threatening to reveal the truth behind his murder to his family. With no option left for him, he decided to listen to him and ended up committing three more murders, including that of the lord chief justice so that Stronghart could take his position.

Six months after, he was confronted by his partner Genshin Asogi, who had figured out that he was the one responsible for The Professor's murders. He then decides to duel with him, but only with two conditions. The condition is that he is allowed to write his last will confessing his crimes so that Genshin could protect his pregnant wife. With Asogi agreeing to his conditions he then confessed his crimes to his wife before writing his last will. The dual ends with Genshin stabbing him in the heart, and this ended up leading to his arrest for Klint's murder, and at the same time, Stronghart falsely pinned The Professor's murders on him which leads to a close trial.

His death has deeply affected his younger brother as he spends his time admiring his brother, not knowing the real truth, and at the same time wearing his badge at all times to remember him.




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