Klitch was a crafty weasel and the son of Ferahgo the Assassin. He was the secondary antagonist of the Redwall book Salamandastron. He lulled the badger girl Mara into being his friend, and he probably knew that her father, Urthstripe, was the survivor of his father's massacre. Klitch snuck inside Salamandastron, asking Mara constantly about the fabled badger treasure, knowing that the forty fighting hares and two badgers were not there just for fun.

Klitch became friends with Mara, or at least she did with him, and him and his trusty ferret sidekick Goffa got "welcomed" into the mountain, but soon after seeing them Urthstripe got angered at their presence and he told them to leave, but gave them food for travels. However, Klitch only cared about the treasure, and he would have gone back to his father, had not Mara and Pikkle the hare ran after them.

On the way back, Klitch went back to his father and told him of the badger and hare's location. Ferahgo launched an attack the next morning and Mara was mortified Klitch had betrayed her, but Sapwood and his hares saved the badger and Pikkle. Klitch berated his father for not being effective, and planned to kill his father and take over from him. Klitch saw old age as a sign of weakness.

Klitch fought in the battles for Salamandastron, and Utrhstripe said he looked forward to meeting Klitch again.

When his father was besieging the mountain, Klitch led the secondary wave of vermin Corpsemakers to take the defending Long Patrol hares by surprise and take them off guard in the fortress. Klitch successfully entered the mountain of Salamandastron by sneaking in through the back door during the night. He led a victorious campaign into the fortress, killing hares and contemptuously treading on their corpses as they fell, but the tables turned when Urthwhyte arrived with Samkim and his allies. As the Corpsemakers got slaughtered by the reinforcements, Klitch knew the game was up, so he killed two of his vermin friends, and pulled their corpses over him so he would be hidden by the slain.

Afterwards when Klitch survived the whole war, unlike his father, but he got trapped inside Salamandastron. He accidentally drank from poisoned wine that Farran had poisoned, and although he did successfully escape Salamandastron by finally reaching the mountain peak and he died a rather peaceful death for a vermin, feeling like he was going to sleep.

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