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Jojo the Klownzilla is the main antagonist of the 1988 horror-comedy film Killer Klowns from Outer Space, even though he only appeared at the end of the film. He is an 18-foot-tall Killer Klown with purple hair and is a parody of Godzilla. He is the biggest of the Killer Klowns though not the most dangerous. The other Killer Klowns show formal respect to him by clearing a path for him to arrive, proving that he is their actual leader.

He was portrayed by Charles Chiodo, who is also the production designer, producer, and writer of the film.


Klownzilla arrived where all five humans that had intruded the Big Top were just about to get away. It was likely that Klownzilla came in to assert his leadership of the Klowns against Rich and Paul Terenzi's "Great and Powerful Jojo"...which is a clown's head-speaker on their ice cream truck. Klownzilla did not fall for the ruse; he smashed the speaker and then threw the Terenzi brothers' ice cream-van against a wall...causing a gasoline explosion. (Rich and Paul survived by taking cover in the deepfreeze.)

Klownzilla was about to grab Mike Tobacco and Debbie Stone when Officer Dave Hansen distracted him, allowing the young couple to escape through a hole in the Klown Kathedral's wall. Klownzilla grabbed Hansen instead. Outside, Debbie and Mike were met by state troopers arriving to confront the Killer Klowns, whose invasion of Crescent Cove had left it a ghost-town. The Klowns' "Big Top" spaceship was lifting off, but before it could return to deep space, Dave pricked Klownzilla's nose with his police badge...destroying Jojo along with the Big Top. Hansen and the Terenzi brothers took refuge in a Klown Kar, which allowed them to survive.

Just when it looks like the Killer Klown scourge has come to an end, (non-lethal) Kream Pies fly in from nowhere to hit Mike and Debbie and Dave in the face...


  • In Killer Klowns from Outer Space, you can see the strings of the Klownzilla puppet holding it up.


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