The Knaaren are a most savage tribe residing in the underground core of the world. Rude, crude, and sporting a foul 'tude, these warriors' hobbies include making mazes, crafting homemade security systems, and mopping their floors with heroes like Rayman.
~ Definition from Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

The Knaaren are a race of monsters and villains in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. They aren't very talkative and usually roar or say only threats to scare their enemy.


They are tall, fierce, invincible and territorial creatures whose attacks are dangerously strong. They live only in the deep, self-made labyrinthine caves and tunnels beneath the Desert of the Knaaren.

They don't like sunlight and strangers. When the tunnels are under attack, one of the Knaaren hits a big gong, calling all surrounding Knaaren to move to the gong's position.

They are ruled by their king Gumsi, although he is just a child. Gumsi is the holder of the Sceptre of the Leptys which can be used to invoke Leptys, the Knaaren's bird-like god.

The Knaaren enjoy battles in their arena where Gumsi's throne is also located. Their champion used to be Reflux and "no Knaaren has ever beaten him". However, after being forced to fight him, Rayman defeats Reflux.

As a reward, Rayman gets a power that allows him to turn Black Lums into Red ones from Leptys. The Knaaren seemly have only one method of attack - swiping their enemy with their large claws. Many Knaaren also have a large spectral shield around them that protect them and does damage to their enemy. Only known Knaaren that don't have this shield, are Reflux and Gumsi.

In Sentinel, one of Rayman 3's minigames, it is revealed that the icy Summit Beyond the Clouds is also home to some Knaaren inhabitants. This indicates that the Knaaren are extremely versatile – not only can they survive baking deserts, but they can also survive frozen mountain peaks. In the minigame, the player controls a pioneering but invading Hoodboom, who lobs plum juice bombs at the approaching Knaaren, which are attempting to defend their territory and destroy the tower. But in the end, they failed. This is the only time the Knaaren are not invincible.

Notable Knaarens


  • "Get him!"
  • "Skin him!"
  • "Spit in his eyes!"
  • "Crush his bones!"
  • "Tear off his flesh!"
  • "Stick bamboo under his nails!"
  • "Poke him in the eyes!"
  • "Make him write bad checks!"
  • "Let him run! Meat better with salt."
  • "Brain, fresh brain!"
  • "Hey hey hey guys. I mean, don't you feel guilty about ganging up on a guy when he's all alone?"
    • "No. Why? Do you?"
      • "N-N-No no no no no of course not! [Nervous chuckle] What was I thinking!? Heh heh."
  • [Coughing] "Hey, does anybody have any cough syrup?"
  • "My dad is stronger than your dad!"
    • "No way. My dad is stronger than your dad. I heard his friends say that he can pick up a dog."
      • "Aurgh! Will you guys please stop talking about your dads?"
  • "Hey, are you going to the gong party on Saturday?"
    • "I'd love to, but I doubt my dad will let me go out. He's been in a bad mood lately."
  • "Since Sally died, I feel so...alone." No one to hold in my arms. No one to love."
    • "C'mon! Turn that frown upside-down! I'm sure you can find another rat."



  • The Knaaren are known as the scariest creatures in the Rayman universe.
  • According to frescoes in their caves, the Knaaren seem to hunt and eat Teensies.
  • The Knaaren also eat Zombie Chicken eggs.
  • All Knaaren from the game seem to be males. Females and children (except Gumsi) are never seen. It is possible they live somewhere in the deepest parts of the caves.
  • Although the Knaaren usually live only in their tunnels, some of them are also seen in the mountains in Sentinel, one of Rayman 3's minigames.
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