"Knifehead" is a giant otherworldy monster known as a Kaiju and a villain from the 2013 film Pacific Rim. The Knifehead creature is rated as a very strong category 3 Kaiju due to its strength and toxicity to humans.

Pacific Rim

When knifehead emerges from the "Breach", it immeadiatly begins heading for populated areas to begin its mission of eradicating the Human race. Jaeger pilots Yancy and Raleigh Beckett are called to stop Knifehead's approach and so enter their Jaeger, Gipsy Danger. Knifehead is just about to consume a small fishing boat with a crew of ten when Gipsy intervenes and pulls them out of harms way. After this Knifehead attacks Gipsy in a rage and a brutal figt between the two giants begins. At first it seems Gipsy has the upper hand, landing several critical blows before finally punching the creature back into the ocean, causing Yancy and Raleigh to believe they had killed Knifehead. However the Kaiju is simply playing dead and once it realizes Gipsy is off guard it springs the trap and leaps on the Jaeger for a final brutal attack, by ripping the Mech's left arm completely off, tearing open it's head case, and killing pilot Yancy Beckett by hurling him to his death. Knifehead then begins using it's head to pierce Gipsy's breastplate and attempts to kill it's second pilot Raleigh, however raleigh is able to do something that few pilots have ever done and he takes complete control of the jaeger himself. Raleigh then manages to power up Gipsy's powerful plasma caster, and just as knifehead is preparing to deliver the final blow it is suddenly shot in the face with a full clip from the mech's cannon, killing it instantly. knifehead's attack and killing of Yancy Beckett would have a lasting impact on his younger brother Raleigh, who then resigned from the Jaeger program due to his grievous loss at the kaiju's hands.

Characteristics and Biology

The Kaiju known as "Knifehead" was the strongest kaiju to appear at it's time, coming in at a very large category 3. It's intelligence was also something that was not counted on by the Jaeger pilots or their officers, as it was able to figure out exactly where the pilots were controlling the Jaeger.

Câu đố

  • Đầu dao giống với Prototype Kaijus ban đầu được sản xuất hàng loạt và được lưu trữ bởi Tiền thân trước khi sửa đổi cơ thể và vũ khí hóa.Hay nói, là một tài tài của, qua, qua, qua một tài khác, qua giữ, qua một tài khác
  • His name begin from "knife" and "head".
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