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Join up now and help us destroy this mad brute!
~ Pan Pacific Defense Corps' propaganda poster, showing Knifehead.
Gipsy, we're still getting the signature! That kaiju is still alive! Grab the boat and get out there! Do you copy? GRAB THE BOAT AND GET OUT THERE NOW!!!
~ Stacker Pentacost.

Knifehead is one of the major kaiju antagonists in Pacific Rim franchise, first appearing in the opening scene of 2013 film of the same name, as well as official film novelization. It also appears as posthumous cameo antagonist in the graphic novel Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero, in addition to being a playable character in mobile game Pacific Rim: Kaiju Battle and Pacific Rim: The Video Game, along with being an unplayable character in Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game.

Artificially bio-engineered Category III giant monster by Precursors, Knifehead was sent through the Breach to attack Anchorage, city located on Alaska. After evading Mark-I Jaeger Romeo Blue, Knifehead attempts to devour a fishing boat Saltchuck only to be interrupted by Mark-III Jaeger Gipsy Danger. Two giants engage into a fight which quickly ends in Gipsy Danger's apparent victory after blasting Knifehead several times with plasma cannon.

However, Pan Pacific Defense Corps quickly discovers that the immense beast has merely temporaly stopped its pulse to play dead. Just then, Knifehead suddently jumps out water and attempts to brutally bite Gipsy Danger's head off only to be barely stopped by robot's arms. When Jaeger tries to use plasma cannon again, monstrosity pulls the arm aside and shoves its blade-shaped head into Jaeger's shoulder, severing its limb.

Continuing its assault, Knifehead opens Gipsy Danger's head and devours one of its pilots - Yancy Becket - before starting to eat robot alive. Then monster shoves its blade onto Gipsy Danger's chest, damaging its nuclear core. As Jaeger begins to overload, Knifehead attempts to eat its remaining plasma cannon, only for remaining pilot - Raleigh Becket - to fire plasma blast directly into monster's opened jaws, killing Knifehead.


Knifehead, like all kaiju in the franchise, is extremely hostile, animmalistic and aggressive creature by its nature. At the same time however, Knifehead has displayed a limited level of intelligence allowing it to plan primitive traps such as playing dead, as well as ability to learn and avoid attacks that can harm it. Still, creature prefers to rely on its berserker rage and barbarian tendencies in combat than using the actual strategy, such as ripping apart Jaeger with its jaws. This has ultimately been its grave mistake, as Knifehead accidentally bitten down actively charging plasma cannon which fired a shot that killed it.

Physical Appearance

Standing at 315 ft (96 m) tall and weighting 8,700 metric tons, Knifehead is massive bipedal semi-humanoid monster with shark-like features, large blade-shaped head that rests at the end of broad neck, set of long arms, smaller pair of limbs on its chest, short tail, and turtle-like outer shell, which moves in vertical position on two small hind limbs. Its entire body is leathery dark-grey skin with golden-orange veins spread across torso, arms and neck. Knifehead's arms have exposed ulna and radial bones much like Trespasser, Scunner and Slattern. Enlarged hands at the end of its arms possess three fingers with black curved claws.

Aside from signature knife-shaped nose, Knifehead's facial structure includes powerfully-built set of jaws filled with sharp teeth, blowhole which expels air upon surfacing, two sets of small bioluminescent-blue eyes on each side, exaggerated chin, and bioluminescent-blue interior of mouth. Whenever the kaiju is shown to be injured, its blood resembles dense bright-blue mold.



  • Knifehead's name is a combination of "knife" and "head", given its head is bladed and resembles a knife.
  • Although Knifehead is commonly indentified by media as Category III kaiju, Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game incorrectly lists it as mere Category II kaiju.
  • Knifehead was the largest and the strongest kaiju at the time of its existence, topping previous record's holder Yamarashi.


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