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The Knight Mare is a one-shot villainess in Wander Over Yonder. She is a villainous knight that terrorizes the galaxy and whose name is a pun on "Nightmare".

Physical appearance

She is a large and muscular anthropomorphic alien horse who stands up-right and wears a dark purple suit of armor.


She seems to be a powerful warrior who can blow up an entire castle with ease and is a skilled swordswoman.


Knight Mare has never physically been seen in the show. She was originally going to have a full scene in "The It", but it was removed due to time constraints.

Other than this, she is seen on the villains leaderboard in some episodes.


  • Her name is a pun on "nightmare"
  • Prior to "The Battle Royale", Knight Mare was in the 130th spot on the Galactic Villain Leaderboard.
  • She might be a Zbornak
  • Knight Mare may be related to Sylvia, who is Zbornak & also the sidekick of Wander.


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