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Look at all these naughty birthday boys and birthday girls! I think it's time for them to go, Knighty Knight!
~ Willy Weasel ordering Knighty Knight to kill the teenagers.

Knighty Knight is a supporting antagonist of the 2021 horror thriller film Willy's Wonderland.

He is an animatronic knight human who was once a friendly children's entertainer and later gets possessed by a serial killer in devouring everyone along with Willy Weasel and the other animatronics.

He was portrayed by Duke Jackson, but wasn't voiced.



In 1996, Knighty Knight was once a friendly animatronic along with Willy Weasel and others. However, Jerry Willis, the original owner of Willy's Wonderland, and his team of serial killers wore some character costumes to kill some children in a party room, and everyone gone panicked. Later at night, Jerry and the killers killed themselves in a Satanic suicidal ritual before the authorities arrived, preventing from being captured. After that, their souls had been transferred into the animatronics, including Knighty.

Ten years later, Willy's Wonderland was reopened by the new owner, Tex Macadoo, to keep the people unaware of this horrific past. Suddenly, Knighty and the other animatronics (possessed by serial killers) have man-eating behaviors to attack and kill even children. After the children were seriously injured, Willy's had been permanently shutdown once again.

Willy's Wonderland

In this present, the quiet protagonist is hired to be the janitor at the old abandoned Willy's Wonderland to clean everything for the rest of the night so his car's wheels will be fixed by the next morning.

Later at midnight, Knighty brutally stabs Aron from behind after Willy finished singing the song, and Liv tells her friends to run while she distracts Knighty. After the Janitor finishes his short break, he goes out to rescue Liv and beats up Knighty by pummeling him to the wall on a bloody rage. The Janitor throws the robotic knight to the floor and decapitates Knighty with his own sword, killing him.



  • Knighty Knight was the third animatronic to get killed in the film.
  • Knighty Knight is the only one of the Animatronics not to have a moving mouth and never speak along with Arty Alligator.
  • Knighty Knight is the only human animatronic in Willy's Gang, not counting Siren Sara since she's a mythical siren and a fairy.
  • Knighty Knight is the only animatronic who uses a handheld weapon to kill people


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