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Knuckles is a supporting human antagonist in the 2014 film The Nut Job. He is King's right-hand man that doesn't speak. Despite his hearing problem he can also hear the dog whistle from Fingers, which somehow irritates him.


Knuckles was seen at the Nut Shop being introduced by King. The next morning, after hearing the dog whistle from Fingers, he gets fed up with it, snatches it and threw it out the door, only to be retrieved by Surly. Later on, during the climax, he and King betray their partners by replacing their bags of stolen money with nuts. After the dam burst, Knuckles, King, and the animals were stranded on the river, near a waterfall. While Raccoon was trying to kill Surly, Knuckles took the bags of money and tried to move the truck away, only to get affected by Surly blowing the dog whistle, and falling off the log. In the end, he was seen being arrested with King, Fingers and Lucky.


  • He bears a resemblance to both ex-Disney animator and animation celebrity, Don Bluth and Myles Standish from Free Birds.


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