Knuckles (The Swan Princess)


Wanna bet?
~ Knuckles, replying to Derek telling him "You can't let me die like this.".

Knuckles is Clavius's minion and the secondary antagonist in The Swan Princess 2: Escape From Castle Mountain.

He was voiced by Joey Camen, who voiced Monstar Bang in Space Jam.


It was Knuckles who set all the traps for Prince Derek when he set fire to the fields, but Derek overcame the traps. Clavius blamed Knuckles for not setting the traps right.

When Clavius kidnapped Derek's mother, Queen Uberta, Knuckles did everything she told him to because she was the queen, until Clavius sent him to set more traps for Derek including letting loose a vicious wolf. He then finally sent Derek falling into a quicksand, which nearly killed him, but he was saved by Odette, who had Bridget turn her into a swan using an incantation on a magic orb which contains the dangerous magic of the Forbidden Arts.

When Derek encountered Knuckles again outside Clavius' lair at Castle Mountain, they engaged in a fistfight, in which Derek threw Knuckles over the edge of a cliff, hanging onto the edge above a boiling moat of lava. Knuckles begged Derek to save him, similar to what Derek said when he was sinking into the quicksand. Derek helped him back up, but Knuckles quickly attacked Derek again and sent him falling into the crevice, but he was able to grab onto a wall.

Believing Derek to be dead, Knuckles tied Odette up and took her across the gondola he usually used to get to the mountain. As he was about to drop Odette over the edge, Derek grabbed onto the gondola. As Odette was able to get one wing free of the ropes, Knuckles threw her over the edge. To save her, Derek cuts the rope holding the gondola up to swing on it, sending Knuckles falling into the lava.


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