Jugger is one of the four members of the Bolt Guard, the new group of COs who have taken over Black Hole and a major antagonist in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. He assisted Black Hole in the army's invasion of the continent of Omega Land. It is stated that he is always planning a destructive attack. He claims that he is both a warrior and a scholar.


Koal took part in Black Hole's invasion of the continent of Omega Land. Unbeknownst to Black Hole's lower ranked members, the purpose of this invasion was to deplete Omega Land's energy so their leader, Von Bolt could absorb it into his chair and gain immortality.

However, Black Hole's invasion was combated by a group of COs from Orange Star, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet and Green Earth, who joined together to form the Allied Nations to fight Black Hole. An Allied Nations force led by Rachel, the younger sister of Orange Star's Commander-In-Chief Nell, thus traveled to Omega Land to drive out Black Hole from the content.

Koal and the rest of the Bolt Guard fought against the Allied Nations throughout their campaign until they were finally defeated and Von Bolt's scheme to drain the continent of energy was foiled. Afterwards, as Von Bolt withered away and Hawke used his chair to restore life to Omega Land, Koal appeared alongside the remaining members of the Bolt Guard as Kindle respectfully toasted to the Allied Nation's victory.


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