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The Koala Bats are a one-time hostile species from the 2016 reboot of the Cartoon Network animated series, The Powerpuff Girls, only appearing in the episode "Phantasm Chasm". They are fictional hybrids of koalas and bats, who live in the imaginary kingdom of Nezwalt from the board game, Phantasm Chasm. They are all servants of The Blob King.

They were voiced by Jeff Bennett.


In "Phantasm Chasm", The Powerpuff Girls and Jared Shapiro inexplicably entered a portal that took them to an alternate dimension, wherein the fictional board game, Phantasm Chasm, was all real. The Koala Bats swooped down and kidnapped Blossom and Bubbles, taking them to The Castle of Nezwalt, following the beckoning call of their master, leaving it up to Buttercup and Jared Shapiro to save them.

When they got to the castle, Blossom and Bubbles were enjoying their time in the castle, eating junk food and getting really fat. Blossom said that the Koala Bats were actually really nice, despite the fact that they were obviously evil and Buttercup pointed out that they were being brainwashed by the delicious food to believe the Koala Bats were good.

The Blob King came out, after being dramatically introduced by one of his Koala Bats and The Blob King thanked him for his undying kindness by whipping his tongue out and eating him alive and later spitting out his skeleton before attacking Jared and Buttercup. This was the final appearance of The Koala Bats in the episode.