Your mind and your will belong to me... forever!
~ Kobras taking control of another's mind.

Kobras is the antagonist of the 1980 movie The Pumaman.

He was portrayed by the late Donald Plesance, who had played Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice. That character was similar in appearance and manner to Kobras.


Kobras had discovered a mask in South America and brought it back to his place in London. He brought in a young woman named Jane Dobson to decipher the mask, and she found it was an alien mask that gave people power to control others. Kobras quickly set to work, using the mask first to hypnotize her to do his bidding.

As time went on, Kobras used the mask to take control of a large number of henchmen, along with several world leaders. He intended to use the power of the mask to rule the world. When Kobras took control of someone, a clay sculpture of their head would materialize nearby.

Only the Pumaman and his Aztec priest sidekick Valdino stood in his way. Kobras was able to take the Pumaman's powers from him through the mask, but regained his powers after Jane smashed the sculpture of Tony's head. Valdino and the Pumaman attacked Kobras in his hideout, forcing the would be world dictator to flee in a helicopter.

The Pumaman pursued Kobras as he fled, and tried to force Kobras to land the helicopter so that he could be brought to justice. Kobras struggled with the Pumaman. Losing control of the helicopter in the struggle, Kobras crashed the heilcopter into an electrical tower, and was burned to death in the resulting fire.

Valdino and the Pumaman retrieved the mask and set all of the people under Kobras' control free. Valdino took the mask with him back to the Andes Mountains for safekeeping.


  • The Pumaman was later screened on Mystery Science Theater 3000, making it the second time that the late Donald Pleasence would appear on the series. Most of the quips about Pleasence centered around his lack of hair.